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When most people think of a successful sales professional, an extroverted, assertive and self aware individual usually comes to mind. This person is usually confident, charming, and able to get customers to sign off on deals without any hiccups. While these are obviously great qualities for a salesperson to possess, they aren’t necessarily the only ones that can succeed.

In many cases, customers don’t usually find the extroverted type of salesperson so charming. When they are met with a highly extroverted individual, they can tune out in an effort to protect themselves and to avoid being manipulated into signing off on a deal.

While introverts are not as commonly found in sales positions, they tend to do better on average than the extroverts. Why, then do companies still continue to heavily focus on hiring extroverted individuals for their sales team? Perhaps they have not considered the harmonious qualities that introverted individuals can bring to a sales role.

Why Introverts are Great for Sales

In the past, it was a necessity for salespeople to exhibit traditionally extraverted behaviours in order to get noticed. After all, most sales came from cold calling and door to door sales. Naturally, extroverts are good at these skills because they prefer social interaction and can cope with the rejection that usually accompanies these activities.

Today, however, technological advancements have allowed sales professionals to move away from strictly cold calling and in person sales. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to get to decision makers with caller ID, voice mail and gate keepers who stand in your way. That’s where the importance of inbound marketing and email campaigns comes in as it has allowed introverts to make an impact in sales roles. 

Inbound and email marketing is heavily dependent on an individual's ability to listen to and understand a customer's’ needs, communicate in a way that speaks to them, and to adapt their responses based on feedback -- something that introverts are typically much stronger at when compared to extroverts.

With the focus moving away from strictly cold calling, it’s not necessary for individuals to be traditionally extroverted in order to succeed in sales. While historically, extroverts were often poised to succeed in sales, today’s changing market means that introverted sales professionals also have a lot to offer. Keep this in mind when hiring for your sales team, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful new hire!

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