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Sep 21, 2010 | John Sligh lock

Over the past 10 years, a lot of people have changed careers, or started part-time businesses to supplement their income.  Some people have been forced to look at other career options due to company layoffs and downsizing.  Others have been proactive in the process, making a complete career makeover to follow their true passion. 

Perhaps you're at a point in your sales career where you're not satisfied.  If so, think about your dreams, goals, how you want to live your life and let's go to work on your reinvention. 

Gradual Reinvention through Self-Improvement

For salespeople, self-improvement is a great way to continually reinvent yourself on the way to achieving your goals.  Seeking the advice of others is especially useful if you apply the lessons you learn to improve.  One way to do this is by reading books on sales, trade magazines and listening to audio programs.  Hundreds of books related to selling, entrepreneurship, business, self-improvement and motivation are available to help you in your quest.

Improve Your Current Situation 

Another place to look for reinvention is in your current career position.  If you're in sales, think of creative ways to improve your effectiveness.  Have you considered asking your boss to expand or realign your territory?  Maybe focusing on a vertical market or targeting small businesses with high growth potential is a sales strategy worth considering.  Try writing out new goals and plans to re-energize you.

Switching companies or careers is not always the answer.  Figure out how to improve your current situation first before moving on to a different company and product line.

A Complete Reinvention is Maybe What You Need

While gradual improvement and improving your current situation are worthy goals, you may be at a time in your life when it's better to completely switch gears and change direction.  Consider, for example, Magic Johnson, a famous basketball player, who won national championships in college and the NBA and a gold medal in the Olympics with the Dream Team.  And who successfully transitioned into a career in business. 

An article featured in Success Magazine titled, "Magic Touch", by Don Yaeger, Magic discussed how he recognized his playing career would not last forever.  So while still in the NBA he began preparing for a business career.  According to Don Yaeger in Success, "He sought the advice of successful businessmen to help him chart a new course.  Now 22 years later Magic Johnson Enterprises owns and operates gyms, Starbucks franchises, Burger Kings, movie theaters and other businesses in 85 cities across 21 states."

Life Goal Assessment

Magic Johnson recognized his need to reinvent himself.  How about you?  What is it that you want to accomplish?  Are you currently doing what you've always dreamed about doing?

If not, it's time to do a life goal assessment.

If you're in sales working for someone else, ask yourself, "Is this what I want to do the rest of my life?"  Do you want to sell for one company or become an independent self-employed sales representative for multiple companies?  Have you ever thought about starting a direct sales career in network marketing and becoming your own boss?

Or maybe you're ready to become an entrepreneur and start your own company.

Whatever your dream is, the time to reinvent yourself has come.  The time is now.  What are you waiting for?

About the Author:

John Sligh is a Salesman and Founder of - a blog about everything related to selling for salespeople everywhere.

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