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Sales Strategy
Jun 6, 2018 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

Sales and marketing are the unruly siblings of the business – they are often together, but they don’t always get along. Many organizations have fostered a successful relationship between marketing and sales, ensuring that each is there to support the other and that their initiatives and goals are aligned. However, many others have not properly aligned marketing and sales, resulting in ad-hoc campaigns, poor messaging, failure to follow up on leads, and general lack of understanding about what the other department is doing.

If your organization sounds like the latter, you need to align marketing with sales. Here are our tips for getting your marketing and sales teams on the same page.

Hold Regular Sync-ups

It’s all too common for teams in organizations to operate in silos; each team focusing on its own initiatives without coordinating with or looping in other teams. While silos are not good in any department or team, they are especially harmful to sales and marketing, since these teams must work together to drive results. One way that sales and marketing can ensure that they are aligning their efforts is to hold regular sync ups. This will ensure that both teams have a chance to communicate priorities and can coordinate their activities.

Enable Sales to Contribute to Content Creation

In many organizations, marketing develops content, which it then hands over to the sales team to be used for generating business. This process is one-sided and fails to take into account the knowledge and expertise that the sales team has. The sales team often has the most insight into customer pain points, market trends, and competitive landscape, which is information that the marketing team should use for thought leadership and content. In order to align marketing and sales, you should create a process that enables the sales team to contribute to content creation by providing input and suggestions.

Facilitate Training on Messaging

Messaging often suffers in organizations where sales and marketing are not aligned. Sales team members will tell prospects and customers their version of the value proposition, and marketing will distribute another. This is confusing to prospects, and it also creates a sense of annoyance between marketing and sales – neither department understands why the other is spreading the wrong messaging. It’s importance to resolve this by facilitating training on messaging, both for existing products and new. With proper training, sales and marketing will share the same messaging with the market, making all of their activities more effective.

Align Marketing and Sales Metrics and KPIs

One of the most effective ways to ensure that marketing and sales are working together is to align their metrics and KPIs. For instance, if sales KPIs are focused on expanding business within existing key accounts, then marketing metrics should focus on generating leads within and nurturing these accounts. With aligned metrics, the teams will be more effective at working together to achieve their goals.

Use these tips to get your marketing and sales teams working together, and you’ll start to see what a fruitful relationship it can be.

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