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With the primary focus of the sales team being the company’s bottom line, it’s no wonder sales leaders may want to keep hiring costs low. But if only it were so easy: attracting great talent with a not-so-great salary is no mean feat. However, don’t despair. It IS possible to attract top sales talent on a limited budget and we’re here to show you how…

Go For Talent Over Experience

If your budget is limited, look to fill your vacancies with raw, natural talents rather than experienced pros whose salary demands are much higher. Just because someone doesn’t have much experience in the field, doesn’t mean that they don’t have the potential to grow into amazing salespeople with the right support. Look for people who possess the skills needed for sales excellence: drive, ambition, strong communication, great people skills, etc.

Widen your scope by looking to hire from outside the sales industry or converting B2C sellers to B2B. With some time spent harnessing their natural talent, you can have a motivated selling-star within months.

Build a Strong Employer Brand

If your company has a great reputation for being an excellent employer online, you’re more likely to be able to lure top pros at lower salaries. While compensation is obviously extremely important, you might be surprised to learn how much today’s sales people (millennials especially) value things other than monetary remuneration.

We’re talking company culture, employee benefits/perks, vacation time, training and coaching. Developing your employer brand can pay off dividends. If your company is known to be a great place to work online, top talent will want to work there and may be willing to take a hit on salary.

Get Strategic About What You Need

Before you set out to hire new talent, think carefully about what your team truly needs. Yes, selling-stars come with a high price tag and, if that’s what your company desperately needs, it will be worth the investment. But is a selling star what you need? Or is it someone with great research and prospecting skills who can support the top sellers?

You can save a lot of money by hiring someone in a sales support function who can then free up your pros for selling rather than bringing in another high-cost salesperson.

Developing your employer brand is a great way to attract top talent for a lower cost. But don’t forget, as a sales leader, it’s important to learn how to spot a sales diamond in the rough. With training and coaching, an inexperienced yet talented newbie can become your team’s next top talent. Plus, don’t just dive straight into to hiring a sales pro when in fact a sales administrator or support person could be just the thing your team needs to achieve your targets.

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