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Sales Strategy
Jun 12, 2017 | Matthew Cook, SalesHub lock

The measure of success is growth. While consistency and stability are comforting, true success comes from reaching further and avoiding stagnation. This means ensuring that your sales team is continually motivated to do better and be better. This motivation needs to come from management; the leadership and strategies necessary to challenge your sales team need to be considered carefully and thoroughly implemented.

Different things will work for different teams, but for those who are serious about boosting their sales teams, there are definitive ways that you can help foster growth. In order to challenge your sales team and increase sales, we recommend taking into consideration these proven recipes for success.

Set Clear Expectations and Goals

The absence of clearly articulated expectations and the lack of clear goals is one of the biggest reasons why so many sales teams consistently underperform and struggle to meet quotas. While it’s necessary to give sales reps a certain amount of autonomy in order for them to customize their approach, your sales team is still looking for leadership and firm barometers of success. Establishing expectations and outlining a clear set of goals can help challenge your sales team to rise to the occasion while also giving them a sense of purpose and clarity about their work. The stronger your leadership, the more investment you demonstrate in the work and abilities of your sales team.

Offer Tailored Perks

One of best ways to motivate your team to work towards meeting their goals is by offering incentives should they reach certain quotas. While monetary incentives are a common choice, it’s important to take into consideration the diverse motivators that might suit your team. While a cash bonus might be motivation enough for some, other employees might be more interested in things like more vacation days, or potential for career advancement.

Talk to sales reps one-on-one about what they feel it would take to find their work more challenging, alongside what incentives they’d like to see introduced. These personal interviews also provide a great opportunity to learn more about the individual strengths and weaknesses of your sales team, and where there is room for improvement.

Provide Ongoing Training

Sales training is often misunderstood when it comes to the ongoing benefits it can provide for a sales team. While many believe that sales training is only applicable at the beginning of a sales rep’s career, it can actually be an incredibly beneficial and challenging experience at any point in a sales rep’s development.

Ongoing training is all about building confidence, keeping sales teams relevant, and ensuring that strategies are properly implemented. Ongoing training will regularly introduce new strategies into the mix, invigorating sales reps and giving them permission to try new things and keep their routine fresh and effective. In turn, training can help build up confidence in your team, and increased confidence almost always translates to higher sales.

Establish Inter-Department Partnerships

Cooperation across departments can be a great source of inspiration and support for your sales team. While it often feels like sales reps work in isolation, there’s no reason they should have to. In fact, the closer your sales team works with other departments, the better their overall sales will be.

Working closely with other departments gives sales reps a deeper insight into business operations, allowing them to see themselves as part of a larger network. It can also fuel their sales pitches and make them feel more comfortable passing on useful and in-depth information to the customer. Inter-department partnerships are a great opportunity for your sales team to incorporate what they’ve learned into their own work and establish stronger and higher sales results.


About the Author:
Matt-Cook-SalesHubMatthew has over 20 years of sales and sales management experience. He is the founder of SalesHub, an inbound marketing agency that helps companies generate leads, boost revenue, and adapt to the new way customers buy. When he’s not helping companies improve their revenue, he trains and competes in half ironman distance triathlons to “relax”.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are strictly those of the author. CPSA does not endorse any of the companies, products and services mentioned within this article.

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