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Sales Leadership
Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA)

Few organizations take the time to examine their needs in-depth before hiring a new salesperson or replacing a departing representative. Often, hiring boils down to finding a warm body to fill the vacancy and take the pressure off the remaining sales personnel. Before jumping into the recruitment process, it is wise to ask yourself some questions to help determine specific sales requirements. 

 What is the ratio of new business development to the maintenance of accounts?
 Is the vacancy due to a resignation, termination or retirement?
 Will the departing staff member be replaced?
 How many sales representatives are approaching mandatory retirement age?
 Will any sales territories will be combined or realigned? 
 Is there enough staff to handle existing and new customers?
 Will new territories be created?
 Will new territories require full-time sales personnel or can existing sales representatives handle them?
 Is the company entering new markets?
 Is the company continuing its current channels of distribution? 
 Will sales agents be replaced with full-time salespeople? 
 Are any take-overs or mergers anticipated?

Determining how many new salespeople are required is based on the calculation that there are 47 working weeks in the year after deducting vacation, sick leave and conference attendance – or 1880 hours per year to sell, averaging out to roughly 13 hours per week. Using this information, sales managers are able to calculate how many hours are needed to service the needs of a diverse number of clients and prospects.

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The Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) is a national organization of 30000 sales and marketing professionals. Members receive significant savings on travel, business costs and more. The CPSA also offers exclusive sales training and certification programs.


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