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Sales Strategy
Jun 21, 2016 | Wes Deklerk lock

Sales professionals who want to grow, learn and improve, are similar  to a diamond in the rough. Taking an opportunity from lead nurturing to final sales is a great asset to a team. But someone who is closing and wanting to increase his or her ability has even greater strategic value. Here are our best practices to become more successful and valuable to your organization. 

Creating value for customers through valuable communication: It is so easy to default to sending emails and hiding behind computer screens in our present age. Taking an opportunity from a lead nurturing campaign and sending off a quick and impersonal email has become second nature to many of us. While e-mail is an excellent tool for communication, it is not the right communication method for someone trying to create a valuable relationship with his or her customer. The gift of face-to-face conversation is becoming more rare. Addressing issues, selling your services, creating value for your customer are the kinds of activity that needs to be done though face-to-face meetings, video conferencing and phone calls. The relationships we have in our personal lives require us to develop personal connections with individuals. Your clients deserve the same kind of honor and they can differentiate a sales cycle that values communication.


Being honest means being a better seller: There comes a moment in every sales reps life where they can choose to have an honest conversation, or bypass it for a pushy sales tactic. If you have been a mindful listener, brought your potential customer through a lead nurturing program with great qualification, than you understand their pain.  You will have intimate knowledge of your customer’s biggest and most difficult problems, which your solution can solve. If you see an issue coming their way, if you foresee a difficulty standing in the way of their pain being solved, you must speak up. Address the issues you see, become more than a sales rep and watch how your client treats you as a trusted adviser.

Charge only for the value that your solution can bring: We all know that the competition exists. We know they are lurking in the shadows ready to take over the work you have accomplished and the potential opportunities, should you not be able to close. But your pricing and the value you are giving should be based solely on your solution. If you have cared for your client as more than just lead nurturing, you believe in what you are selling and the solution you are buying, this guides your pricing. The value you can give is what you charge for, nothing more and nothing less. Your clients will come to know that you are fair and balanced, ensuring you repeat business and referrals. 

Not taking initiative: So many opportunities for repeat business and increased revenue die before they ever have a chance to grow. Lead nurturing means more than just getting the sale, since you can continue to nurture your client long after the sale. Once you land the sale, and deliver the value, if you sit back and rest, you have already lost. As a trusted adviser to your client, you are charged with the tasks of looking for the latest and greatest opportunity to serve. If you don’t and instead rest and wait, the competitor will come in with their latest and greatest idea, leaving you behind. Being a strategic sales person means that you are ready and willing to help with the next product and service that you can offer.

What changes can you make today to become a more effective and valuable sales rep?

At SalesEvolve, we look at challenges as opportunities and enjoy hard and meaningful work and generate high quality leads for your business.  Our team is stacked with professional sales people, not traditional telemarketers. We’ll sort through the noise and introduce you to new leads. Our goal is to secure you high quality leads that your team of skilled closers can sign. If you are looking for a customized generation program for your business, connect with us today!

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wes deklerk
Wes Deklerk is Director of Business Development at SalesEvolve Solutions Inc. SalesEvolve is based in Waterloo, Ontario and provides professional sales outsourcing teams to help clients hit

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