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It’s a widely known fact that brand preferences sway the decision making of consumers around the world. The greater the brand affinity that you’re able to create between your prospective customer and your brand, the more likely a sale is to happen.

The same holds true when building your personal brand. Creating trust from your audience through your unique brand is the first step to increasing the likelihood of future sales and customer loyalty. There are several ways you can do this.

Clearly Define Your Brand Voice

Establishing and leveraging your brand voice is important. It paves the way for consistency in all that you do going forward. If your brand voice is consistent and clear, it becomes easier for your audience to understand what your product or service is, and why they should choose you over the competition.

Be Your Own Promoter

Actively promoting yourself on social media and blogs is vital, as your future customers won’t necessarily stumble upon these pages by chance.  Guest writing for other blogs is a great way to gain exposure with a different audience in your own industry that you may not otherwise have come across. Engage with your social media followers by responding to comments, just as you would do with prospective customers on the phone or in person. They could become customers as a result.

Become a Thought Leader

Building a personal brand takes time, and it can seem tricky to truly distinguish yourself from the competition. Writing and publishing compelling thought leadership pieces on your website and social media pages will allow you to establish your personal brand by showing your audience that you are invested in the industry. Keep on top of news and staying relevant is also important. Your potential customers are more likely to gravitate toward a brand that is ahead of the curve.

Grow and Keep Track of Your Contact List

Attend industry conferences, even if just to network and socialize, and keep track of everyone you meet. You never know what opportunities can arise, not just for you, but also that might benefit one of your contacts. Being able to reach out, without asking for anything in return, is a way to keep your business top of mind for that person next time they or someone they know needs a product or service you can offer.

Strengthening your personal brand is a constantly evolving process, and one that you can continuously adapt as time goes on. By further developing the fundamentals of your personal brand, you will be well on your way to establishing recognition and building trust among your customer base, and improving sales in the long run.

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