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Most people wouldn’t associate corporate training with feelings of “inspiration” or “invigoration”; they are known more for dim meeting rooms, dry speakers, and uncomfortable chairs. However, training sessions don’t have to be this way.

Well-run sales training has the power to motivate and activate your team. Use these tips in your training to inspire your sales team.

1.     Explain How Each Role Contributes to the Company Goals and Vision

People are more engaged in their jobs when they feel like their work is impacting the organization. Since many sales team members generate revenue, they are more likely to understand how they contribute to the company goals; however, emphasizing everyone’s impact will remind the team that their work is valued. Use training as an opportunity to remind everyone on the team why each role contributes to the company vision in order to build engagement and inspire the team.

2.     Strengthen Employee to Employee Relationships

Employee relationships are critical for engagement and results. A team that has great inter-personal relationships is more likely to share knowledge, feel motivated in their roles, and deliver results. Use training sessions to help fortify these relationships. You can incorporate team-building exercises, role-playing, and celebrations for recent successes into your training sessions to grow employee bonds and invigorate the team spirit.

3.     Focus on Skills for Career Development

Salespeople are ambitious; they want to develop their skills and move up in their career. However, they can get caught up in day to day tasks that make them feel like they are not building the skills they need for their next role. Ensure that your training it focused on career-development and skill-building so that team members feel like they are growing.

4.     Improve Processes and Eliminate Inefficiencies

Manual processes, repetition, and inefficiencies cause the team to feel frustrated and bored. Gather feedback from your team to determine where processes can be improved, and use your training sessions to showcase and train the team on the improvements that you are making. The team will value that you are taking their feedback, and their job duties will become more interesting with the inefficiencies removed.

Sales team members that feel excited about their jobs are more likely to hit targets and deliver results for the organization. Don’t overlook opportunities to inspire your team and reinforce their value. Use these strategies during your training sessions to motivate your team.


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