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Sales Strategy
Mar 31, 2016 | Ryan Coelho lock
You’re probably wondering what the big fuss is these days about these so-called ‘Millennials’. After all, don’t they eat, breathe and bleed just like anyone else?

While it’s true there’s nothing unique about Millennials as a species, where the difference lies is in the environment and culture that these young people have been conditioned within. 

What used to take 2 days to send via snail-mail, now takes 2 seconds via e-mail.

At one time the encyclopedia was your greatest informational resource, now it’s the internet and Google. 

Drive to the store? Why do that when you can click a button and have it show up at your door the same day?

The list of examples can go on but one thing is for sure – the environment is rapidly changing like never before and is greatly influencing the expectations, behaviours and lifestyles of these young people. 

Growing up in a world that is drastically different than past generations, you’re probably wondering “What can I do to keep these kids motivated!”

Here are some tips…

1. Don’t make it just about the sale

Millennials value meaning. They like to know the ‘why’ behind ‘what’ they’re doing. When they know why their work is important and valuable, they then feel important–or in other words, have something to brag about on Facebook and Twitter. 

So instead of just pushing your Millennial sales force to make the ‘sale’, help them understand the bigger picture of what that sale represents. While this can easily be about earning promotions or raises, try to think outside of the box as to what each sale symbolizes. Perhaps it’s like Uber, where every sale represents disrupting an industry like never before. Or like Facebook, where ever dollar means more opportunity to further their mission of connecting the world. 

2. Let them design their sales approach
In their effort to feel important, Millennials want to think of new ways to do it. This isn’t always an attempt to rebel against common practices, but rather to innovate new ones.

To facilitate this process, provide them with knowledge and insight into sales but don’t force them to adopt it into their repertories. Maybe the script they’re supposed to read is better utilized when they turn it into a storyline they need to follow. 

3. Teach empathy by showing empathy
Millennials are often at the blunt end of many labels. Calling a customer stupid, cheap or ignorant would likely to push them away. In the same light, labelling Millennials as entitled, narcissistic or lazy is going to de-motivate them. 

If you want your sales staff to learn how to properly understand and build a relationship with a customer – lead by example. Understand and build positive relationships with your Millennial employees and when the time is right use it as an example of how they can do the same when pursuing sales.

About The Author

Ryan Coelho
A Rocket Scientist turned Motivational Coach; Ryan Coelho has been working closely with millennials for over the past 4 years in helping them develop as leaders. He believes in the power of people and is focused on ensuring everyone, especially young people, have the right tools and self-confidence they need to achieve what they want in life.

Based on this experience, Ryan naturally became an in-demand resource for organizations in helping them understand the millennial mindset and how companies can leverage it. Over the past year alone he’s worked with over 80+ CEOs, has started the Millennial Engagement Movement, has written numerous eBooks to support both organizations and millennials in their growth, was featured in the Globe and Mail, and is currently building an organization dedicated to sharing his motivational coaching philosophy with the world. 

If you’re interested on learning more about how to build your Millennial Employees as Organizational Leaders, join Ryan and the NextGenleaders community for the 2016 Millennial Leadership Summit taking place in Toronto. Visit Millennial Leadership Summit for information and registration.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are strictly those of the author. CPSA does not endorse any of the companies, products and services mentioned within this article.

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