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You may have seen the signs before - rumors and gossip, a general apathy towards work, people showing up late or missing work, declining results… These are all symptoms of low morale in an organization. When it happens, it can make or break an organization.

Unfortunately, most teams go through a period of low morale at some point in time. Whether it occurred because of external factors that the organization had no control over or it was the direct result of poor decision making, it needs to be dealt with, and dealt with quickly. Here are some tips for motivating a sales team with low morale.

Determine the Cause

There could be multiple factors causing low morale. However, it’s important to investigate and attempt to determine the cause of the unhappiness so that you can address the right areas. For instance, you may find that most people are unhappy because they are working extremely long hours, or you might find that a particular manager is micromanaging their team, causing them to feel stressed and undervalued. You must address the root cause of the morale problem before you attempt to boost spirits or else all of your efforts will be wasted.

Provide Clarity

Morale problems often arise when people feel uncertain. They may be unsure about their future with the organization, about the direction the department is headed in, or perhaps they don’t understand what is being asked of them. It’s critical to be transparent and provide as much clarity as you can so that team members feel secure. If you have recently had lay-offs, for instance, you need to address why these were necessary (without revealing any confidential information) and reassure team members that their jobs are safe. If an executive left the organization, it is critical to give the team as much information as possible about how the team will operate until a new executive fills the role.

Focus on Supporting Team Members

Employees who feel downtrodden and demotivated won’t respond well to the stick. They need support and understanding to lift their spirits and feel more motivated. When you start to see a problem with morale on your sales team, focus on providing the team as a whole and the individuals with support – whether this is through training, additional resources, or information. Encourage others on the team to support each other, creating a positive atmosphere where people feel like their team members have their back. 

While low morale is a tricky problem to address, it is not an impossible obstacle to overcome. Use these tips to motivate your sales team when times are tough, and you’ll create a stronger team atmosphere in the long term.

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