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Help with how to quit your job. You have decided to move on and want to resign from your job. Follow the resignation guidelines to resign in a diplomatic and professional manner.

■Make sure you know who to address your letter of resignation to and who should receive copies. Check with HR if you are unsure. Keep a copy for your own records

■Don't use the company letterhead for your resignation letter. Using company stationery to write your resignation letter is considered inappropriate

■Write a formal and polite letter of resignation which at the very least includes the date your resignation is effective, the position you are resigning from and the date of your last working day

■You should also include some note of appreciation to the company for the time spent there. If nothing else refer to what the position has taught you and the skills you have gained while at the company

■You do not need to provide any details on why you are leaving the company

■Deliver the resignation letter by hand to the person responsible if possible. You don't want it to be left lying unopened in an in-tray. This can lead to disputes about whether and when you resigned and whether you have served the required notice period. Try to make sure that the date on the letter and the date it is received are one and the same to avoid any confusion over effective date of resignation

■Keep it clear and simple. This is not the place to tell the employer all the things you would change about the company, leave that for the exit interview


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