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Sales Strategy
Apr 11, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock
In order to grow as a salesperson, you need to be constantly challenging yourself to achieve bigger and greater things. However, actually going about setting sales goals and then hitting them can be incredibly difficult. It requires a great deal of planning, energy, and enthusiasm for what you’re doing. While it may seem daunting, there are definitive ways you can set better sales goals and then actually reach them. 

Set Realistic Goals 
One of the biggest roadblocks faced when trying to meet your sales goals are the goals themselves. While setting a high standard for yourself is important, the goals you’ve created need to be realistic if you’re actually going to be able to meet them. When we set unrealistic goals, we set ourselves up for failure. Not only do we set the bar too high, but we set an expectation for ourselves that we’ll meet our goal, regardless how lofty. When that doesn’t happen, it’s easy to become dejected and actually lose momentum in the long run

There is a much more practical way of setting goals, one that can actually help you achieve the things you want and grow in the process–be realistic. Goals should be manageable, actually achievable, and they should be broken down into incremental steps. Starting off with smaller goals doesn’t mean that you’ll only stick to small goals. Everything you achieve along the way will allow you to get that much farther in achieving those bigger goals you’ve set for yourself. 

The path to big achievements is paved with small and realistic aspirations. 

Give Yourself a Timeframe 

Sales goals are rendered achievable through structure. If you only have a vague idea of when you would like to accomplish your goals, then the process of reaching them will lack the essential structure they need to succeed. Setting a date for when you’d like to hit your goals can provide great motivation as you move forward. Without that motivation, it’s very easy to get distracted and waste time, ultimately prolonging how long it takes to achieve what you want to achieve. 

Like the goals you’re working towards, though, time frames need to be realistic. Giving yourself an unrealistic time frame, like setting unrealistic goals, will leave you feeling dejected and lacking motivation to move forward. The timeframe you set for your goal should be based on the amount of time that you actually believe it will take to accomplish it. Don’t give yourself extra time—that just gives you permission to slack off or become distracted. The perfect timeline is realistic and firm. 

Make an Action Plan
Goals without a plan don’t work. As mentioned, goals need structure. You should have a clear idea of what the way forward will look like before you commit to any concrete sales goals. A comprehensive action plan includes the aforementioned realistic goals and timeframe, but it should include other things as well. 

For example, what do you actually want to achieve? Goals should never be vague; wanting to increase sales is a good general goal, but everyone wants to increase their sales. In order to substantially change your sales performance, the goals you set for yourself need to be explicit. Next, plan out what you’re going to do to achieve your sales goals, step by step. 

Without an action plan in place, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the task, not knowing where to start. A step-by-step plan should always make allowances for learning curves or missteps, but it should also provide a strong structure for going forward. 

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