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Consumers and businesses are bombarded with advertisements and sales inquiries. As a result, people have become good at tuning out marketing messages and ignoring cold calls and emails, which makes it ever harder for brands to stay top-of-mind. Most organizations understand that in today’s climate, it takes several touchpoints from both marketing and sales to drive awareness, interest and sales, but not all understand how to execute this type of strategy. If you want to use multiple communication channels to keep your brand top-of-mind, read on to find out how.

Define your Brand for a Unified Experience

Being successful across different communication channels requires consistency. The idea behind using different communication channels is to remind your prospects of your brand and message over and over again. Therefore, this strategy will not be effective if you communicate your brand and message differently every time you run an ad or send an email. Before you begin using different channels, develop brand guidelines and key messaging to use in your communications. This will ensure that your clients and prospects have a unified experience, no matter where they encounter your brand.

Understand Your Persona to Prioritize Communication Channels

It doesn’t make sense to focus on Instagram and Snapchat to communicate with your prospects if they are most active on Email. Research your prospects to develop and buyer persona, and find out where your persona spends time. Once you know where and when your buyers are active, you can determine which channels to use and how much budget to allocate to each. Always test new channels and measure the results before you prioritize them in your marketing channel stack.

Decide Whether You Want to Hire an Agency

Running multi-channel campaigns is complex and time consuming. It requires regularly adjusting budgets, creatives, and marketing-mix. If you are new to multi-channel marketing, you may not have the in-house experience to deliver results from all of these different channels, and employing an outside agency might be the best option. However, agencies do come at a cost, so you will also need to have considerably more room in your budget to hire and agency.

Identify your KPIs and Measure Performance

Like any marketing or sales activity, it is critical to measure success. Identify KPIs based on your goals – perhaps you will want to measure increased referral traffic to your website, product trials, or sales. You can then evaluate how well each marketing channel is contributing to your KPIs and adjust your mix as needed. You’ll need to add new channels, remove channels, or adjust priority of channels over time, and measurement will ensure that you make the necessary changes in a timely manner.

Employing different communication channels at different points in your marketing and sales funnel is a sure-fire way to drive awareness, capture more leads, and close more sales. Use our tips to execute your communications effectively, run great campaigns, and deliver better results at your organization.

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