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Few people could have envisioned just how influential and disruptive social media platforms would become. What looked like a niche technology for teenagers and bands back in 2004 is now the cultural and societal norm; it’s hard to find anyone that isn’t participating in at least one social media platform.

While social media is generally a place for friends to connect, it has also become a powerful tool for business. Now, businesses are using social media for everything from beta testing to reviews to customer acquisition, and you can too. Find out how you can capitalize on one of the biggest movements of our time to acquire more customers for your business.

Build a Community

Social media is about connection; it is not a virtual retail store where you go to sell your goods. This is why your first step to using social media for customer acquisition needs to be building a community around your brand or product. People are willing to engage with brands and companies they love on social media if they are getting meaningful social interaction and a sense of community out of it.

How can you build a community? Your advocates are happy to talk, so you should engage them to share best practices around using your product. You can ask for input on new features or reviews of new functionality. Start conversations, ask questions, and let your users do the rest.

Respond to Inquiries and Questions

Social Media is not a one-way communication channel. If you want to acquire new customers through social media, be ready to respond to questions and comments about your products, prices, and even staff. If you fail to respond to questions from an active prospect, be prepared to lose the prospect.

Use chat - one of the more recent and under-utilized features – to respond to your followers. While consumers have been quick to adopt this functionality, businesses are lagging. You can respond to specific questions, provide personalized service, and gather information to help move the prospect along the sales funnel.

Identify Meaningful KPIs

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of social media – increasing followers, your trending posts, impressions… but none of these metrics are a true indication of customer growth. When you embark on a social media customer acquisition strategy, set KPIs that give you a clear picture of whether social media is helping you achieve your goals.

For instance, if your company goal is to drive sign-ups for trials of your product, you might measure traffic to a sign-up landing page. You could also measure the qualified leads that come from social media, referral traffic to your website, or the engagement with product-related videos and content as indicators.


Once you’ve established your KPIs, you must measure them. Compare customers that you have acquired through social media with other channels you use. This will help you understand if social media customer acquisition is a good channel for your organization.

When looking at the success of your social media acquisition strategy, evaluate whether social driving is more product trials. Are these customers completing their trial and becoming paid customers? Are they using all of your product’s features?

Social media is about providing value to your market and engaging with your prospects and customers in a meaningful way. Treat your social selling strategy as a two-way, ongoing conversation, and you’ll successfully grow your bottom line. 

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