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Sales Strategy
Leanne Hoagland-Smith lock

Many drivers do not understand the purpose of the far outside white line. They falsely believe it is to indicate where the road ends or to separate the road from the shoulder. However, the truth is this white line is to help you navigate the road during periods of heavy fog. By keeping this line in sight, you avoid oncoming traffic, you potentially slow down to help to avoid any obstacles in the road and you keep moving toward your desired end result. Hence the name for this white stripe is the Fog Line

Business also have their own Fog Lines through their strategic action plans. These written documents have several sub action plans such as sales, marketing, customer loyalty, growth and innovation, leadership and management and financials. The goal of these blueprints is to keep the business moving forward especially during rough times or during challenging weather conditions.

Unfortunately, when organizations lack a written course of direction and how to overcome known obstacles, these smart business owners to sales professionals become engaged in the role of Captain Wing It instead of Captain Focus It. The results of their behaviors can be simply defined as spraying and praying their actions all over the place.

No reasonable person would board an airplane flight without having 100% confidence that the captain had submitted a written flight course of flying. Yet, every day small business owners to C-Level executives board their own planes without even glancing at their flight plan. Some do review this course of action monthly, quarterly or annually. Aren't you glad that modern aviation does not leave by this belief?

If you want to increase sales, improve customer loyalty to reduce operating costs, then schedule time and invest on creating your own Fog Line. By making this investment, you will stay the course and realize sales success.

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