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Jan 10, 2013 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

There are several resources that outline the dos and don′ts of running an effective sales meeting and these resources would be a good place to start:

• Sales Meeting Checklist
• Holding Effective Meetings
• Suggested Icebreakers for Meetings
• 5 Annual Sales Meeting Ideas for Best Sales Conferences

As for ideas on how to get your sales team to be active participants, you may want to assign your reps to handle specific topic areas on the meeting agenda or schedule breakout sessions for sales activities.

One idea is to divide your team into small groups and have each group "sell" a new product based on a scenario you provide to them. Award prizes based on the best sales presentation.

Another great idea is to go around the table and ask each rep to share their best ideas on breaking the ice and developing rapport with a new prospect on a sales call. Compile a list and keep it "fresh" by periodically reviewing it.

Free Video Resources
A sales meeting is a perfect opportunity to incorporate sales training sessions and help your reps "brush" up on their sales skills. You can ask your reps in advance to come up with a list of difficult sales situations or problems that they have encountered and ask the group for suggestions on how to solve them.

There are thousands of free video resources available on all aspects of sales and sales management at that are well worth checking out. You can include clips in your sales sessions.

The added advantage to this approach is that you can develop a list of resources/takeaways for your reps and share them with any new salespeople you bring onboard.

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