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Nov 11, 2016 | Canadian Professional Sales Association

If you’re looking to kick up your sales levels a notch, sales training is one of the best options available. While some people believe sales is fairly straightforward, there’s actually a lot more that goes into it than people realize. Training can help furnish your sales team with the skills they need to succeed, taking your sales to the next level!

Structured Selling Process

A big part of being an effective salesperson is having an organized approach to your selling process. You need to go into each sales call with a plan for how it will proceed and with thought-out alternatives should things go in a different direction. It’s important to have a solid grip on the material and on any questions or concerns that may arise during the sales call; if you sound unsure, then the client will have no reason to trust you or trust what you’re selling. Training provides structure for the selling process, ensuring that salespeople know how to navigate their way within an agreed upon method. 

Effective Selling Techniques

There are numerous techniques still in circulation that have been proven to not work. Learning better, more efficient selling techniques is a learning curve, and picking up the right selling techniques and handling them well requires training and practice, which sales training can provide. Sales trainers have extensive experience and research behind all the selling techniques they pass on to their pupils; these selling techniques are tried and tested and will bring in bigger numbers for your sales team.

Building Solid Relationships

Good salespeople foster relationships with their clients and develop a sense of trust between them that will be beneficial far down the road. Studies show that trust is actually one of the biggest generators for sales; if the client doesn’t trust you, they won’t want to purchase from you or your company. A good selling technique doesn’t just hit the right talking points; it gives rise to lasting relationships and community between the seller and client. Sales training can help your salespeople take their skills to the next level by teaching them the value of building strong relationships, while also giving them the tools to do so with each sales call.

Tailoring Communication

Reading from a script and never deviating from a fixed sales plan is not an efficient way of closing a sale. While we’ve mentioned that it’s important to have a structured plan for selling, the best plans make room for alternative selling methods. Each individual you speak with has a unique set of needs that should be addressed within the sales call; they can spot a rote call that doesn’t seem to recognize them as an individual client. Knowing how to tailor each individual call can be incredibly difficult, however. You don’t always have a lot of time to learn the client’s personality. There are ways to make it easier and to help salespeople become adept at shifting strategies and personalizing their sales calls, and sales training is one of the most effective means of teaching these invaluable skills.

Real Results

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, sales training has verifiable results, with 95% of companies who invest in sales training seeing an increase in overall sales. Equipped with better selling techniques, structure, and the tools to navigate individual needs, salespeople are much more able to close sales confidently. The more confident your sales team feels, the less turnover you’re likely to experience as well. Turnover is often quite high within sales departments, and incredibly expensive,because they don’t have the necessary tools for success. Sales training is a great resource for providing those tools. 

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