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Sales Strategy
May 1, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

When it comes to generating leads, salespeople are a lot like detectives. They find clues, ask questions, and use their observational skills to follow trails that might not seem obvious to a casual bystander. How then, might some of those killer instincts help to improve sales strategies?

Putting Out Feelers

When a detective thinks there might be an individual with some information, it doesn’t always make sense to approach them right away. Instead, they speak to people close to the potential witness, or put out advertisements asking for information, and eventually, when they’re ready, the witness will come to them.

Similarly, potential leads could be put off by sales tactics that may be perceived as pushy. One method of avoiding this kind of reaction is by employing marketing automation to do the initial work for you. By allowing personalized messages to show the lead what kinds of benefits they can get from your product, they’ll be more open to discussing their options further-- with you. Plus, you can measure your leads’ engagement levels, and understand where it would be most useful to put your sales efforts.

Wanted: Content Online

Sometimes, a detective takes a more passive approach to finding a person of interest. They employ the classic wanted poster, which provides the public with some salient specs that will help with recognition. Eventually someone will contact the detective with relevant information. Visibility is important, so they place posters in high traffic areas where the chances of success are higher.

Content for your sales funnel can be similar. By creating salient, visual content that appeals to the audience they’re trying to attract, salespeople provide leads with everything they need to enter the funnel process. Prospects move from becoming aware of your brand, to evaluating whether or not it’s something they need, to converting to a paying customer.

Search Optimization

When a detective is involved in a search for a clue, they do anything they can to narrow the location as much as possible. They do this by taking all the information they have on hand, and putting together the strongest clues.

In sales, it’s more a matter of being found by leads than doing the searching, but the same principles still apply. When trying to convert leads, gain awareness by being the first name to appear in a list of competitors. Create good clues by including relevant keywords, creating good content, and monitoring SEO trends so that leads can find you without needing to use a magnifying glass.

Lead generation doesn’t need to be a cold case. These tried and true tactics are sure to give you a keen eye for detail that will serve you well in the sales world!

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