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Become a road warrior! From synchronizing your devices to protecting your data no matter where you work, this post offers top tips for people who do sales in the field.

On the road again. Anyone who travels frequently for business—or even works in the field, such as visiting customers onsite—can testify to how grueling it gets. Fast Company spells out why in their sobering piece called “Why Frequent Business Travel Is So Bad For You.” Yikes! The good news is that modern tech can help you a lot if you work on the go. Let’s look at five expert technology travel rules.

  1. Try Skyping instead

    One of the best ways to make business travel easier is to not do it as much. Modern video conferencing technology like Skype for Business (available in high definition, no less!) can provide a powerful proxy for the in-person experience. Presenters can share their desktops and show presentations and videos, share files, and more.

    In their Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Office 365, Online Meetings, Forrester determined that the average small/medium-sized business saves US $22,000 in reduced travel time for managers.

  2. Plan ahead

    Of course, sometimes, you want and need to sit down in the same room together. When travel calls, anyone navigating planes, trains, and automobiles should consider getting assistance from their AI. Cortana, the personal assistant that comes included in Windows 10, can help you save time making your arrangements.

    Speaking of time, experienced business travellers learn to give themselves more time to get from A to B to C to D realistically. Develop a real-world itinerary and leave ample room for delays, delays, and (sigh) more delays. And make sure you have a device on hand to make the most of that lost time.

  3. Work in the cloud

    Get rid of those USB keys! Stop transferring files between devices. Instead, keep all your files safe and secure in a cloud like Microsoft’s, which offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Get anywhere, anytime access to your documents, no matter what device you use. With Office 365, you can also run apps, like Word and Excel, in the cloud through a browser.

    What version of Office do you run? The modern version, called Office 365, enables you to work 100% in the cloud—safely and securely—on the device of your choosing: phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

  4. Get phone-friendly

    Speaking of devices, when you catch up on your email, social, and work, make sure your productivity and communication software works properly on your phone. Modern salespeople should not have to worry about file versioning issues or go through complex procedures to access the company network on their phones anymore.

    Instead of providing company phones, most organizations benefit from adopting a bring your own device (BYOD) policy. It keeps costs down and gives sales teams the flexibility they want and need.

  5. Protect your devices
    We all know the horror stories of people leaving laptops behind in taxis or losing their phone in an airport café somewhere. What happens to all that (often sensitive) data on those missing devices? Make sure the productivity tools you use allow you to protect your data by wiping devices remotely, like you can with Office 365.

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