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Sales Strategy
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Sales is a dynamic and ever-changing role. This necessitates a drive for sales professionals to continuously change and adapt in order to stay relevant and maintain a successful record of contributing to the bottom line.

Let’s consider some key aspects of modern buying behaviour and the agile selling tactics which must accompany them.

Social Selling

Ten years ago practices associated with social selling were virtually unheard of. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were still in there infancy and other social platforms which are prevalent today, like Snapchat and Instagram had not even been conceived!

Modern buying behaviours are hugely dependent on social media. For brands and individual sales pros to gain the reputation and credibility to sell effectively today, they need to be able to utilise social selling to show themselves as industry experts and a go-to resource.

The modern salesperson should be able to make social selling the crux of their sales strategy and almost adopt a quasi marketing and sales role to fully leverage the power and potential of online communities.


A core component of modern buyer behaviour is the multiple touches they’ll go through before looking to purchase. What’s at the centre of the multiple pre-buy contact? Content! The explosion of options to publish your content and demonstrate your product knowledge are, frankly, staggering. By combining use of their CMS of choice with tools such as LinkedIn pulse, PRwire, video or podcast content, modern salespeople can ensure a strategy which maximises the potential for reach, touches and conversions.

The content which today’s best sales pros share is not promotional or pushy. It is education and offers value. By repositioning your sales and marketing efforts to educate and help buyers, you will be better placed to be seen as authentic and the right source when it comes to buying.


Let’s face it. Sales calling is virtually a thing of the past. It is also hugely regulated by CASL. If you’ve built a relationship with a prospect then you may still be able to pick up the phone, get past number recognition and actually speak with your prospect. Otherwise, the chances of an effective cold call are slim.

Modern high-performing sales pros know how to leverage less intrusive communications channels - such as LinkedIn and Twitter to initiative conversations and grow a sales funnel.

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