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To be successful in sales takes hard work, resilience, drive and ability. There’s long hours and a relentless barrage of “No” before you get to that all important “Yes!” With so many tasks to complete and so few hours in the day, our number one tip for you to stay sane and successful is: Don’t make life more difficult than it has to be!

Make sure you are equipping yourself, or your team, with the best tools to set you up for success. Here we’ve put together a handy list of the must-have prospecting tools for every sales person that will make your life easier, save you time and help you reach your targets.


One of the big issues with prospecting is that it takes so much darn research time and effort. A company might appear at first to fit your ideal customer profile but on further investigation, nope, they’re not looking to buy or are not a good a match as you thought! Skip the pain of finding new prospects and wasting time on ones that are dead ends with DataFox. The company happily does the “grunt work” for you and uses big data and machine learning to help you find the right prospects, at the right time. This tool doesn’t just save you time and effort, by streamlining workflows across departments it can actually help you increase efficiency across your sales and marketing teams.


This AI-powered platform can take on your entire outbound sales process. Growbots’ algorithms will not only match your ideal customer profile against 200 million contacts to generate you a tailored prospect lists in minutes, but they can also run all of your outreach campaigns and manage your inbox. The promise a less than 10% bounce rate on emails meaning you’ll connect with more leads. So as a sales pro, you can spend your time where it’s really needed - communicating with your new prospects.


DealSignal is another tool that aims to help you stop wasting time prospecting. Trying to manually feed your funnel with fresh leads each week is not only exhausting; there’s often very little return on the time investment. If you’re in B2B sales, DealSignal lets you skip the manual process of prospecting by providing you with relevant prospect lists which include important insights. Not wasting hours each day on hunting down new leads means you can spend your time focusing on getting the meeting and aligning your pitch and communication style to each new prospect.


KickFire’s range of powerful tools use web tracking to help you unlock new leads and opportunities. KickFire Prospector is a browser extension which helps you find leads, get verified contact info, and push new accounts into your CRM. KickFire LIVE Leads™ lets you identify those anonymous web visitors who actually show buying intent for your products and services, giving you a list of leads who are actively looking to buy, right now! Finally, KickFire API uses IP address intelligence to help you understand which of your products or services resonate with your customers helping you personalize content and map out your next move. 

What are your favourite prospecting tools that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

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