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News Release

The Canadian Professional Sales Association applauds Budget 2017 skills and training focus

Trudeau Government's economic plan makes smart choices on skill

March 22, 2017 – TORONTO –The Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) today applauded the Trudeau Government’s leadership in making workforce skills development a cornerstone of the 2017 federal budget. With the looming retirement of tenured Baby Boomers set to radically change the depth and experience of Canada's workforce, the need to enhance professionals’ skill levels is now imperative to the country's future.

"Having consistent, effective and highly skilled employees to match available positions is crucial to the success of Canada's economy, of our middle-class workers and of the companies that employ them." said Peter J. Irwin, President and CEO, Canadian Professional Sales Association. "We know from recent research that this need is especially acute in professional sales. The lack of universally benchmarked skills, comparatively higher voluntary turnover rates and the impact of retirements on professional sales teams underline the importance of ensuring Canada has the skilled workers needed to sustain the economy."

As detailed today in Budget 2017, “Building a Strong Middle Class”, Finance Minister Bill Morneau and the Government of Canada recognize that “Innovation is changing the way Canadians work. Keeping pace with these changes means equipping Canadians with the tools, skills and experience they need to succeed in the workforce now and in the future.”

Budget 2017 commits to:

  • Help young Canadians get the skills and experience they need to kick-start their careers.
  • Make training opportunities more accessible to working Canadians.
  • Increase the number of Canadians participating in work-integrated learning.
  • Increase business investment in training.


"Through Budget 2017, the Government of Canada is taking concrete steps to ensure Canadian middle class workers, and those seeking to join them, can access high quality jobs," said Irwin. "We're deeply encouraged by their plan, are optimistic about its impact on the sales profession, and look forward to continued engagement with the government on important matters like youth innovation, employment and further growth of the middle class."


  • Recent research from Abacus Data shows that while there are sales jobs available across the country, Canadian businesses are having a difficult time finding qualified sales candidates to fill open positions. In fact, 83% of respondents cited a lack of sales skills as the primary barrier to hiring.
  • New data collected for the CPSA by Mercer (Canada) shows that voluntary turnover rates in Canadian sales are highest in key sectors including tech (7.3 per cent) and banking/financial services (5.7 per cent).
  • Venture for Canada, a not-for-profit that pairs top post-secondary grads with startups, has found that nearly 40 per cent of the positions startups are looking to fill are in sales.


About the Canadian Professional Sales Association

The Canadian Professional Sales Association is Canada’s largest national sales organization. Established in 1874, the CPSA helps build knowledge and skills to improve sales performance through professional development programs, networking opportunities and exclusive member resources and benefits. The CPSA Sales Institute has also administered the Certified Sales Professional (CSP) designation for over 20 years. The CPSA’s 20,000+ members are found in almost every sector of the Canadian economy and cover a wide range of job functions, predominantly within commercial sales. 



Shane C Aubé
Director, Marketing
Canadian Professional Sales Association

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