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Sales Strategy
Oct 15, 2018 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

How to Climb the Ladder to Sales Success with Lee Bartlett


When building a network, it pays to work on multiple levels with both short- and longer-term strategies. 

In the October SalesProChat, we hear from sales thought leader and best selling author, Lee Bartlett about how to build and leverage your network to benefit your short, medium and long-term revenue and professional ambitions. 

"The best salespeople", explains Lee in a recent article, "understand there are different levels of contacts that can help them sell, grow, and achieve their business goals. They actively work towards positioning themselves as someone of value across all levels. This long-term strategy runs alongside their short-term revenue goals, increasing their influence and the pool of opportunities. This is the real ladder to success and should be part of the process for all salespeople."

Lee Bartlett has enjoyed a highly successful sales career working for a variety of tier 1 institutions. He has held roles in large US, UK and European-based corporations, and sold extensively across most countries in these regions, as well as in Asia. With extensive experience selling to the financial sector and C-Suite executives, Lee has built multi-national sales teams, been co-founder and CEO of a tech start-up and has recently authored his first publication "The No.1 Best Seller". He shares his personal sales methodology and experiences in his book and blog, both of which discuss the mindset, strategies and processes of top salespeople.

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Q1 What are the top channels to build a business network? E.g. LinkedIn, meetups, conferences? #SalesProChat
Q2 Why is it important to your career to develop a network? #SalesProChat
Q3 How can a large/influential network support sales efforts? #SalesProChat
Q4 How can salespeople looking to climb to the next level, adopt a strategy to surround themselves with people who are already there? #SalesProChat


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