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Aug 30, 2019 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock
As the holder of a professional sales designation, you are required to meet the annual Professional Development Units (PDU) requirement.  This process ensures that you are up-to-date on the most current issues and practices in sales.

We have developed condensed competency packages, called PDU Bundles, filled with various resources to help strengthen your skills in sales. 

Download this PDU Bundle to achieve the following learning outcomes and gain 4 PDUs: 

Learning Outcomes: 

Gaining Loyalty through Client-Focused Solutions
5 Ways to Keep Satisfied Customers Loyal with Client- Focused Solutions
Preparing for your Presentation
Preparing for a Sales Presentation: Key Factors to Consider
Developing a Successful Sales Presentation
How to Develop a First Rate Online Sales Presentation
Developing Your Presentation
Top Tips to Build Your Most Impactful Sales Presentation
The Elements of a Winning Sales Presentation
Template – Presentations Checklist
How to Fix an Awful Presentation and Turn it Around!
WEBINAR: 5 Steps to Stronger Sales Presentations


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