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What goes into planning a successful week of lead generation and sales generation?

In the second of a two part article, we offer another four things to consider when looking to create a productive sales week ahead.

Give Yourself The Best Opportunity to Succeed

 We are human beings with real lives and ongoing commitments outside of the office. That said, try to schedule your work tasks in a way that won’t be impacted by outside influences. For example, don’t schedule 3 hours of calling on a Tuesday morning when you know that you’re at a networking event the night before which could go on until the wee hours.

If you plan ahead and account for times in the work week when it is very possible that you won’t want to be having real conversations or you wouldn’t have the required focus to consume new sales trends, or you may be pulled into that RFP which has been set to need amendments and you’ve been waiting to hear back from the prospect… then you’re going to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

Check in with Your Marketing Department

The best salespeople today can leverage marketing channels to understand and target audience segments.

Make time each week to check in with your marketing to understand which of their activities are working well, was being tweaked, and what new leads and sales materials you can expect in the coming weeks and months.

It is important not to leave your marketing in a vacuum. Tell them about your client-facing learnings. Your feedback regarding leads coming your way and the conversations you have is hugely valuable qualitative data which your marketing team can them learn from and add to an overall quantitative-qualitative blended approach.

Do Not Ignore Your CRM

With the abundance of CRM solutions and APIs available in 2017, there is really no excuse not to integrate your CRM into your sales week.

From ways to record email and phone conversations directly into your CRM to automated email campaigns based on pre-set triggers, to third-party plugins which show charts which project almost any type of sales revenue you can think of, today’s online Client Relationship Management tools can help sales people to keep the time in the back end of the CRM to a minimum.

Sure, you’ll still need to jump into the CRM but the time you have to spend in their versus the return (pulling qualified leads) should be a good motivator not to be that sales pro who thinks they can ignore their CRM.

Never Stop Learning

The future of sales will be tied in with technology, marketing and big data.

Never, therefore, stop learning. The best salespeople of tomorrow will be those that make time each week to read that whitepaper on the changing buying patterns of their prospect demographics, learn from trends the marketing team are seeing, finding time to teach themselves new online prospecting and social selling tools, and adapting to the needs of their clients based on the feedback they receive. 

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