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The free version of LinkedIn provides sales professionals with essential ways to build their professional identity online, stay in touch with colleagues, clients and leads, and discover professional opportunities.

LinkedIn also offers premium services including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, one of the most popular social selling tools on the market.

What extra benefits can a salesperson get from a LinkedIn subscription? What are other the options? What’s the ROI? Should sales pros use different accounts at different stages of their careers?

In this first of a two part June 2017 SalesProChat interview, Shanna Landolt will take us through the paid-for options from LinkedIn and when each could be applicable in your career. Shanna will also provide tips on how to complement LinkedIn with the use of other social selling tools such as Twitter and Facebook.

Shanna Landolt has worked in Executive Search for almost 20 years. She has been featured on NBC, FOX and City TV and CTV and she has been cited by CBS and ABC as a LinkedIn Expert and Job Search / Career Expert. Shanna is also the #1 international best-selling author of the book LinkedIn Secrets From a Top Executive Recruiter.

Listen Now To The CPSA Podcast

Listen to the show to discover:

  • Ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile regardless of the account type

  • Recent changes to LinkedIn search algorithms and what it means for sales pros looking to get found

  • What is Sales Navigator and how can it help to generate leads and build a customer base.

  • How does Recruiter Lite work, how can it help companies hire talent, and how does it compare to Sales Navigator

  • What is the Premium Career account and how effective is it as a way for sales pros to find the next role?

  • Premium Business – what are the features and are there times when it’s a better selling resource than Sales Navigator?

  • What is the new LinkedIn Learning tool and how is it helping pros improve existing skills and learn new ones?

Listen Now To The CPSA Podcast

View the full transcription of this podcast episode here

Join The SalesProChat Twitter Chat, June 29, 1 pm ET

Every month we present a SalesProchat podcast and host a #SalesProChat Twitter chat. SalesProChat brings Sales pros and business leaders together to discuss major topics in Sales. On Thursday June 29, 2017 at 1:00 ET the CPSA will host our next Twitter chat. 

Business leaders, sales professionals and high-profile industry experts from across Canada and the US will come together on Twitter to share tips, strategies and enjoy lots of virtual networking.

The June 2017 #SalesProChat Twitter chat will consider the following questions:

Q1: What are the top benefits of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator? #SalesProChat

Q2: How can salespeople use LinkedIn to be seen as authentic and an industry expert? #SalesProChat

Q3: Beyond LinkedIn, what other content and social selling tools should sales pros use to reach prospects? #SalesProChat

Q4: How can sales pros build a sales funnel with LinkedIn Sales Navigator? #SalesProChat

Listen to the interview with Shanna Landolt

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