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The rise of social media created a new kind of authority - influencers. Social media influencers are everywhere, and they are talking about your brand. If your sales strategy includes engagement with social media influencers, you're more likely to reach larger audiences and drive brand awareness and, ultimately, sales.

In this episode of the CPSA's Social Media & Tech podcast, host Bill Banham and guest Rob Catalano will consider how you define influencers, what you can do to find influencers, ways to engage them that can drive value for your business and even how salespeople can become seen as influencers. 

Rob Catalano is a Marketing professional, entrepreneur, speaker, blogger and 'social media influencer'. Rob is passionate about helping companies succeed by leveraging technology to make employees successful.  As a founding employee, Rob spent the past 10-years at Achievers, leading Marketing and the company’s global expansion in three different countries until its acquisition last year.  With his unique experience in HR Technology, Rob co-founded Toronto-based WorkTango – a platform that helps managers build authentic relationships and trust with their employees and teams.

Listen Now To The CPSA Podcast

Listen to this show, hosted by Bill Banham, to hear Rob's answers to questions including:

  • What is a social media influencer?

  • In the context of developing a social selling strategy, why do influencers matter?

  • What tactics would you suggest to help sales pros identify and follow influencers? e.g. authors, hashtags?

  • How can influencers help spread the message and enhance your online brand?

  • As a speaker, author and influencer, how do you think people should approach influencers on social media?

  • Where does the sale opportunity fit in a relationship with an influencer?

  • How can a salesperson become a social media influencer and how can this help their personal brand and efforts to grow their sales?

View the full transcript here.

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