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In the first episode of the Tech Product Review podcast series, guest expert Andrew Jenkins chats with host Bill Banham about how sales and marketing pros can use Flipboard to grow their leads list.

Listen to the show here.

Used by millions of people every day, Flipboard can be a personal or company-wide magazine. Listen to the CPSA Tech Product Review show to learn how Flipboard can help salespeople share and distribute content to extend their reach and touches. Discover how you can use Flipboard to collect articles, videos and more into your Flipboard Magazines.

Read the transcript:

Bill Banham: Welcome to another episode in the Tech Product review series with Andrew Jenkins. Andrew, welcome to the show.

Andrew Jenkins: Thanks for having me.

Bill Banham: And, listeners, today we are going to be looking at Flipboard. So, let's jump straight in. Andrew, firstly, what is Flipboard? What does it do and how does it help companies?

Andrew Jenkins:  Well it's a content curation tool that you can personalize. And, you can have it, what I refer to as, render your social media feeds, like an electronic magazine. So, it came out in, I believe, 2010, it was the number one iPad app for 2010 and it's available for iPhone as well and Android. So, basically, I can attach my Twitter account to it, and my Facebook feed and my LinkedIn feed. You used to be able to attach your Instagram but it can't do that anymore.

And, it will crawl your Twitter feed and so, let's say, someone's tweeted out an article, normally in a tweet, there would be a headline and the link. Well, Flipboard will actually crawl the link, pull in the thumbnail image, potentially, there'll be a few more words from the article you know, the headline and maybe a bit of the beginning. And, instead of me just scrolling through Twitter, I can actually flip through, thus the name Flipboard, my tweets and see the post as I'm going and decide whether or not, one, do I want to read that, do I want to re-tweet it or reply to it, forward it to someone over Twitter.

Or, I have the option to share it with someone by email, I can save it to Pocket, which is a bookmarking service, I can send it to Buffer if I'm scheduling posts, I can share it back over my social channels. A variety of options for the discovery of content and for sharing. And, I just used Twitter as an example but the same can be done with your Facebook feed, your LinkedIn feed. But, over and above those social feeds, you can curate your own magazine having found content from a variety of sources. So, you can create your own magazine.

You can follow other magazines that have been created by users but, as well, some brands have established themselves with magazines there as well. So, if I want to find a digital magazine from... related to business, or entrepreneurship, or technology, there's quite a few different choices. And, so you end up in the situation where there's never a shortage of content.

Bill Banham: Wow, sounds like a great tool. So, what, if you had to pick two or three top benefits, that you've seen from using Flipboard, what would they be and why?

Andrew Jenkins: Well the first one, especially on the iPad is, because it renders your social feeds like an electronic magazine, the experience you have on something like Twitter, as you're scanning through the tweets on Flipboard, they're much more visual, you're getting much more of a sense of what was shared and you're able to decide whether you want to read it then, read more of it later. It makes for a much, more rich and enhanced experience for your social feeds.

The ability to bookmark it to something like Pocket, the ability to share to other social channels or email, right from the palm of your hand be it on your iPhone or iPad is another benefit. The other fact is, is that it's free, you can't beat free.

Bill Banham: Now, let's consider any negatives. Are there any shortcomings when it comes to using Flipboard?

Andrew Jenkins: Well, you are dealing with content on a one post at a time. So, if I'm scanning through and I find several articles in my session, for lack of a better word, with Flipboard, I'm saving each one of them at a time. And, being able to go back to an article, sometimes I'll be using Flipboard when I'm about to get on the subway and, if I lose internet connection and I have to go back to it later, you're scrolling through history. It's hard for you to search back and find the post that you wanted to save earlier.

So, it's a small thing but those... there can be a bit of tedium when it comes to going back or, as I said, dealing with every post one at a time. But, it's not meant as an enterprise or a work tool per se, it's meant for enhanced content consumption.

Bill Banham: Andrew, tell me, is there a cost and, if so, how much is it?

Andrew Jenkins: Well, Bill, this is the good news, there is no cost, it's free. So, what they've done to monetize now is, now that they've got a good foundation, it's a very, very popular app, you are seeing promoted content within your electronic magazines that you're perusing. They're not very intrusive like some of the other social channels, social apps, so it's actually still kind of nice. Not really overwhelmed by ads or anything like that. But, the main thing is, is that for users it's free.

Bill Banham: So, in your experience, Andrew, what have been the results of using Flipboard?

Andrew Jenkins: It makes me more productive in terms of discovering content that I want to share in social. It makes me more informed because it makes reading and consuming content more pleasurable because it's organizing content to my interests, to my tastes and in a format, whether it's iPad or iPhone, that's easy to... easy to manage.

I'm just flicking with my thumb on my phone, I'll refresh my feed before I get on the subway and I'm covering a lot of different topics and consuming a high volume of content very, very quickly and easily.

Bill Banham: Are there any competitors and, if so, who are they and how do they compare?

Andrew Jenkins: Well there's a different content curation tools come and go, there is one called Feedly, which is an RSS feed reader and you can have Feedly for your iPhone or the web, assuming iPad although I've not used it on iPad. And, it has a recommendation engine for content. If you liked this blog or this source of articles, there's other solutions also. So, it can be a bit of a competitor but, Feedly might be more of an, I'll call it an enterprise or orientated towards people who are responsible, as part of their job, to discover more content in higher volume.

But, there's also things like Crate and Prismatic and Scredible that can discover content for you but they don't render it as richly or as enjoyably as a magazine format like Flipboard does.

Bill Banham: And, finally, for this particular product review then, Andrew, please can you give us your ranking out of five stars for Flipboard?

Andrew Jenkins: I'd like to give it a... well, one person's excellent is another person's good, I rarely give anyone a perfect score, so I'll give it a four, a nice 80%. I think it's a... I said it's a fantastic solution, my own quibble or shortcoming would be having to manage everything on a one by one basis and maybe some enhanced search to be able to go back and things. But, other than that, it's a great, great solution for making consumption of content easier and more pleasurable.

Bill Banham: Okay, well that takes us to the end of this particular product review and it just leaves me to say, Andrew Jenkins, as always, thanks for being our expert today.

Andrew Jenkins: My pleasure.

Bill Banham: And, listeners, until next time, keep shopping for those awesome sales and marketing tech tools and check out the other episodes here on the show.

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