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The sales presentation can make or break a deal. Indeed, a strong pitch can achive the trust and momentum you need to get leads to point of sale. There are some powerful AI-driven solutions available to salespeople today to help them use business intelligence in new ways that promise to improve the chances of delivering a perfect pitch.

In the latest episode of the Tech Product Review podcast supplement, host Bill Banham looks Sales pitch Pro, the data-driven sales meeting intelligence tool. The Sales Pitch Pro app ensures you qualify the opportunity right, the first time, positioning your product portfolio and your value proposition relevant to the customer.

Listen to the show here and discover:

  • What information and resources can salespeople pull upon to help them improve their chances in the early stages - from lead to qualification? How does tech like Sales Pitch Pro help?

  • How targeted can pitches get on the back of collecting data in the qualification stage?

  • What level of connectivity can there be between qualification and meetings-focused tech and standard CRMs like Salesforce?

  • Ways tech is changing the way we approach and adjust meetings with prospects and clients

  • How are companies integrating tech focused on client meetings with their CRMs and what are the results in terms of conversions?

  • What are the e-learning options for salespeople looking to ensure they're fully prepared ahead of that big sales pitch?

About Our Guest

Tony Goodchild is Managing Director at Sales Pitch Pro. The software claims to work as another person in the room when pitching to customers, providing guidance on which products are the right fit for the customer at the other side of the table.

Tony is responsible for numerous aspects of the business including product definition and development, the go-to-market strategy, developing and delivering the marketing strategy including production of collateral, website design and social media strategy, and building a sales pipeline.

About Our Host

Bill Banham is a Marketing and Publishing professional based in Toronto. Bill is Founder of The HR Gazette and Iceni Marketing and Co-Founder of the WorkingTech show and the InnovateWork event series. Bill hosts several CPSA podcast shows on topics including social selling and tech, business strategy and sales strategy.

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