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Sales Leadership
Jun 10, 2010 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

Once the chosen candidate has accepted your offer of employment, the sales manager needs to notify unsuccessful candidates. There is no easy way to reject a candidate, but it is important to maintain a positive relationship with candidates who are not chosen. This is especially important because sales managers have found themselves in a position where an offer of sales employment has been accepted only to have the prospective employee change their mind at the last minute. Second the candidate who is rejected for one job may be ideal for another opening in the future and their information may be placed in your databank of résumés.

Many companies do not send a letter to those whose résumés are not selected simply because of limited time and resources. However, if a conversation occurred between yourself and the candidate, you as a sales manager should advise the candidate of the outcome of the discussions, either in writing or by telephone.

In these situations, one of two statements will be helpful:

“We have decided to pursue other candidates whose training, background and
experience are better suited to this position.”
(This statement is appropriate to use for
candidates you have decided to reject before the interview process.)

“We have selected another candidate who is better suited to meet the needs and
challenges of this position.”
(This statement is appropriate to use for candidates who
were interviewed, but not selected).

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