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Once considered a new frontier in sales, today social selling is firmly part of the sales landscape. 78% of social sellers outsell sales pros who don’t use social media and those who lead the way in social selling are 51% more likely to meet quota. Your company clearly needs a strong social selling strategy! 

Things change quickly in the world of social media and social selling environment but one thing is shaping up to be clear, AI isn’t going anywhere. By 2020, 30% of all B2B companies will employ AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes. In this article, we’ll look at what your social selling strategy should look like in 2020 and specifically, where you should invest your time and energy: Robots v Humans.

The Human Touch

Don’t count us out yet! Your sales team remain (and will continue to remain) your number one resource when it comes to achieving sales targets. Social selling works because it is a channel by which your reps can reach customers and prospects, build a relationship and eventually pitch to them - deally offline. At the end of the day, being an effective social seller still comes down to 
two humans connecting

But if your social selling strategy relies on sales pros investing hours and hours trying to connect with one prospect on Facebook or LinkedIn, you’re not looking a great ROI for those efforts. It takes time to build relationships -- and don’t get me wrong, it’s all about relationships -- but you don’t want your reps spending their precious time online chasing down dead-end leads and leaving scores of unanswered InMails. And this is where the Robots come in…

Robot Revolution

The last few years have seen huge leaps in
Artificial Intelligence technology and sales. As you look at budgets and strategy for 2020, you must look at investing in AI technology for predictive social selling. 

But what exactly is predictive social selling? Don’t worry, we’re not talking about jettisoning your staff of humans and having bots take over the sales pipeline. However, robots do have their place in social selling. A good social selling strategy in 2020 includes the use of AI tech to automate some of the repetitive and time consuming aspects of social selling so that your reps can connect quickly and easily with their prospects, armed with the intel they need to influence a decision maker’s purchase.

AI powered tools can boost your sales team’s efforts by taking on tasks such as opportunity scoring, giving your reps tips on personalising content that will appeal to their prospect, and recommending leads based on ones that have already converted.

Find Leads That Will Convert Faster

Consider investing in tools that leverage big data for prospecting, meaning your team can get straight to the selling part of social selling. For example,
Nudge is one such tool that uses AI to source news and social updates on prospects by filtering through massive amounts of data from across the web, they can even tell your sales team who in your org has the best chance of connecting with the prospect. 

Crystal Knows is another tool that does the social listening on your team’s behalf. Rather than your team spending hours online deciphering what a lead likes and dislikes, Crystal Knows gives sales pros personality profiles for leads based on info across the web on platforms such as LinkedIn and Salesforce.

AI has already transformed the social media landscape, just think of the way ads are now personalised in your social media feed based on your past online clicks. For an effective social selling strategy in 2020, your must harness the power of machine learning so your reps can focus on doing what really counts: selling.

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