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Sales Leadership
Feb 25, 2010 | Donald Cherub lock

Becoming a great salesperson can be a very taxing job. Sales affirmations are a great way to boost your self-esteem and sales into a new level.

Affirmations are positive sentences that are meant to be imprinted in the subconscious mind by repeated use. Applied correctly they can change your career from one of slow movement to easy and fast advancement.

How to write sales affirmations

Before you can write your positive affirmations you must first understand what is it about your sales that you wish to improve. Maybe you want to find easier clients or maybe great products to promote, it doesn't matter what it is but you must first identify where you want to go.

Write down a list of things you would like to experience. Once you finish take each sentence you wrote and change into present tense

Here are some examples of sales affirmations:

"I enjoy selling my products in big quantities"

"Clients flow to me in great numbers and many enjoyable purchases"

"I find selling to be easy and fun"

These are only a fraction of the many types of affirmations you can create.

How to use sales affirmations

  • Choose 3 affirmations that you most fancy working on for the coming month
  • Clear half an hour every morning for practice
  • Sit in a quiet room and read your first affirmation
  • Try imagining how it feels to have already achieved what is written, really get into it emotionally
  • After ten minutes move on to the next two affirmations and repeat the process
  • When you finish with all three, let everything go and move on with your day
  • Repeat every morning for a period of at least 30 days

If you practice this process daily, you will start observing amazing positive changes in your environment regarding the subjects you chose.

Sales affirmations can really boost your whole sales career into a new level. I advise finding a system that you can work with step by step to get a better grasp on the whole process.

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