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Jan 3, 2018 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

The festive fun season is here. It is that wonderful, yet frantic, time of year when the retail sector goes bonkers, end of year budgets across many companies are spent, and top salespeople can finally complete those long sales cycles and hit quota just in time for the office party.

To help set your campaigns apart from the competition, we've come up with some ideas to help you incorporate the spirit of the festive season into your sales and marketing communications. Here are five more sales tactics to allow you to combine your outreach efforts with a little dash of that festive feeling.

1. Holiday Themed Videos

The holidays are a super time to post short, helpful videos that educate and engage your customers. Don’t overdo the tinsel but also try to project the festive feeling into your videos. When done correctly, video can be a hugely powerful sales tool so adding that extra seasonal element can really help take it over the top. Keep the videos short so they can be shared across social networks. Shoot short videos for each bit of content or promo.

2. Subject Lines

Sure, marketing experts have been talking about this for years. We get it! The reality, however, is that experimenting with subject lines is just as important as ever if you’re looking to grow your open rates.  Email competition is higher over this time of year so be sure to get creative with your titles. Remember: split test, split test, split test!

3. Email Automation

Are you making the most of email automation to engage customers and attract new leads? Automation can be very powerful this time of year as date-based triggers approach which mean automated messages related to last year’s purchases and buying behaviours.

4. Reward Your Social Media Fans

Spread the social love this holiday season by thanking your followers with offers exclusive to social media platforms. Although digital coupons and coupon codes work best with online stores, outlets can still offer print-at-home coupons that are promoted exclusively on social media. An alternative for online businesses is to create a landing page with unique offers, and again only promote this on social media.

5. Online Ads and Creating a Countdown

A deadline can be a hugely powerful sales tool. Services such as Google AdWords includes the option for tickers with countdowns in your ad. The start of the holiday period is the perfect time to include this in many of your ads. Use the countdown for any ads promoting a special time-limited offer, discount or sale, and especially if you are offering free shipping for a limited period. For online stores, there is always a “last day” for shopping, after which you cannot guarantee that any orders will be delivered before Christmas Eve. 

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