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Sales Strategy
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As a salesperson, how often do you find yourself scrambling at months end to hit your sales target? In an average month, you find yourself balancing sales pitches, cold calling, cold emailing, lead-nurturing, prospecting and completing administrative work. You need to keep your sales funnel full, return phone calls, check your emails and balance sales training. All these activities can become overwhelming, if you don’t have a plan.

Here are five time management best practices for salespeople!

Breakdown Your Responsibilities
We all have days that fly by so quickly, you hardly feel as though you have checked anything off your to-do list. When we are faced with multitasking, you will often dive straight in, ploughing through your calls and emails without reflecting on what needs to be done. Take a moment each morning to strategically breakdown how you should spend your day, based on the urgency of each task. Looking at your responsibilities on paper will allow you to better prioritize and save time.

Be You
Sales strategies that work well for your colleagues, may not always work well for you. Everyone learns at a different pace and should complete tasks in an order that works best for their skillset. A better time management technique is to establish an individual sales schedule, rather than following one that was designed as a basic guideline. For example, activities such as prospecting should be moulded into your schedule based on both the time allotted by your sales manager and your individual capabilities.

Schedule Time for Follow-Ups
When you’re scheduling your day, a timeslot for follow-ups should be on the list. During a call with a prospect, you will agree to follow-up with them on a specific date and time. If you make a promise to your prospect, you must follow through. With trust playing such an integral part of sales, your credibility is everything. If you want to ensure your sales process will go smoothly, scheduling time for follow-ups is an essential time management best practice.

Don’t Touch Your Email
Don’t be distracted by the emails flooding into your inbox while you are completing other tasks. If you have scheduled your day accordingly, you will get to your emails at the appropriate time. Try turning off your email notifications, so you can visit them once you’ve finished with your scheduled activities.

Take Breaks 
It is a common misconception that working through your day without a break will lead you to a list of completed tasks. This could not be farther from the truth. Keep your mind fresh by taking short breaks throughout the day. You’ll find that you are far more productive if you pause to refresh a few times a day, rather than moving slowly through the work you are trying to complete.

At the heart of success is a disciplined salesperson that uses their time effectively. Having a daily plan is the most effective way of prioritizing your activities. Use the above best practices to help mould your scheduling strategy, so you can maximize sales and use your strengths to the best of their ability.

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