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May 4, 2015 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

When engaging with prospects via email, it is common for salespeople to pass along multiple documents of information, in hopes of intriguing the contact to purchase, or at the very least, remember your brand. But do email attachments really engage your prospect? Let’s investigate.

Are We Moving Too Fast?

To help identify if an email attachment is appropriate, it is first important to identify the status of your relationships with the contact in question. Think of each of the contacts on your lead and client lists as individual relationships. What do people in new relationships fear the most? A clingy and overbearing partner.  Sending email attachments, unless they are specifically requested, is kind of like getting married without dating. It is important to understand that each of the contacts in your list is unique, given that they are at different stages in relationship development with you.

- Have you had a discussion with them to determine their primary needs or concerns?

- Do you understand their industry or have grasp of their competition?

Without evidence that you know what your prospect needs, sending generic attachments of content in hopes of landing a sale will lead you into their deleted folder.

Second Base

Have you developed a relationship with your prospect that warrants the exchange of information? If so, it’s time to decipher how to go about the delivery.

Imbedded in our email systems is a spam folder, which filters unwanted emails from your inbox. Often times, getting attachments through the various spam and security filters is difficult, especially if you are sending large files. Use the email attachment limits below to identify the restrictions set for each of the main email providers:

Outlook: 10Mb per file attachment

Gmail: 25Mb per email sent or received

Hotmail: 10 Mb per email attachment

In order to ensure your prospect is receiving your collateral, it is vital to understand what type of content they need, what file formats work best for them and how much they would like to receive. Not all of your prospects work with the same software you do, so keep in mind that having multiple formats of the same document is key. Additionally, hosting documents online is a useful tool when trying to avoid over saturating your emails messages with attachments. Hosting documents is also useful when the attachments you are trying to send will not go through. 

- What format works best for their use?

- Do they like their content on a simply laid out PDF, or do they prefer a more visual piece?     

- How much content do they want?

- A synopsis of your business or a list of testimonials from previous clients?

Remember one size does not fit all. In total, 50% of leads are qualified but not ready to buy, so get to know what your client wants and needs.

Maintaining a Lasting Relationship

Over email, it is very difficult to maintain a lasting relationship. Often times, emails get lost in the mix and can be left unopened or go unnoticed all together.  If you plan on maintaining a relationship over email, it is important to remember consistency is key. Once you've earned the trust of your prospect and have opened the gate for fluid and open communication, you can establish what type of sharing works best for their needs.

Blindly sending content will push your contact to delete any and all emails you send, as relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails. Understand when your prospect expects to receive information, or better yet, when they want it. This creates stability and acts as the building blocks for long term contact. Engaging with clients on terms that work best for them, ensures that you add value at the right times in the right ways, which will lead to beneficial interactions. Done right, sales conversations built on trust lead to closed sales, referrals and long term success.

Lead nurturing emails get 4-10 times the response rate compared to standalone email blast.  Remember not all of the prospects in your funnel are alike, therefore they each require individual development. Although phone relationships appear as a more viable option for staying connected, email communication can add value if executed correctly. By establishing the type of communication your prospect requires, as well as how often they require collateral, you will begin to build the foundation of a long term relationship. 


Do email attachments really engage your prospect? Yes, email attachments can be an effective way of engaging prospects, if used correctly. Remember, each one of your leads are unique, so refer content that is relevant to their interests, their current needs and based on the relationship they have with you as a salesperson.

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