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Sales Leadership
Apr 7, 2016 | Lee B. Salz lock

Ever wish you could brainstorm with your sales management peers on how to solve tough problems? Here’s your chance. Below you'll find a challenging sales management situation. Read about it, then click below to view the responses that other sales managers have submitted and weigh in on how you would handle the situation.


The Situation:
The last few years have been tough...not just on corporate financials, but for your salespeople too. As revenue has been off, their income has suffered with small commission checks.


It’s so tough right now that some salespeople have cried while in your office about their financial situations. As you look at their faces, you don’t see the fire that was once in them. They look defeated before the day even begins. At the water cooler, they commiserate with one another about the economy, the competition and how frustrated they are.

Yet, you are the captain of this sales ship. While you are sympathetic to their issues, you need to change course or everyone sinks…including you!

The Challenge:
What is your approach to get sales morale where it needs to be for the sales team to perform as needed?

The Solutions:
Take the Sales Management Challenge. Click below to view the solutions proposed by other sales managers and contribute your own.

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