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Sales Leadership
Oct 11, 2013 | Lee Salz lock
Ever wish you could brainstorm with your sales management peers on how to solve tough problems? Here’s your chance. Below you'll find a challenging sales management situation. Read about it, then click below to view the responses that other sales managers have submitted and weigh in on how you would handle the situation.

The Situation:
The time has come to put together the annual sales kickoff meeting for your 25-person team. In the past, you’ve had product release announcements and department training for them. 
This year has been tough and the team is feeling beaten up. You want to do something different in this meeting with the goal of getting the sales team back on track. However, you don’t have a large budget to play with.
The Challenge:
How would you structure the sales kickoff meeting to engage the team, have them learn, and come away feeling rejuvenated?
What have you done during sales meetings that salespeople have loved?
The Solutions:
Take the Sales Management Challenge. Click below to view the solutions proposed by other sales managers and contribute your own.

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