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Sales Leadership
Lee Salz lock
Ever wish you could brainstorm with your sales management peers on how to solve tough problems? Here’s your chance. Below you'll find a challenging sales management situation. Read about it, then click below to view the responses that other sales managers have submitted and weigh in on how you would handle the situation.

The Situation:
During your executive meeting this morning, the CFO presented the corporate budget for the new fiscal year. In the presentation, the revenue budget for your sales department was presented to you. Gasp! You almost passed out after seeing the number that the company expects your sales team to hit. 
Knowing what you know about the team, sales pipeline and marketplace, you don’t see any way that your salesforce will deliver results anywhere near that budget figure.
While your input on revenue was requested during the budgeting phase, the final budget was developed by identifying expected expenses and setting a profit percentage. Thus, the revenue budget has been set by calculation, not by an analysis of resources and opportunities.
As the revenue budget is shared in the meeting, all eyes look to you for confidence in achieving it.
The Challenge:
If you go to the CEO and CFO and tell them that this revenue number is a pipedream, you are fearful you will be fired. If you accept this revenue budget knowing what you know, you set yourself up for failure. What do you do?
The Solutions:
Take the Sales Management Challenge. Click below to view the solutions proposed by other sales managers and contribute your own.

Other Sales Management Challenges

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