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Sales Strategy
Oct 12, 2017 | Sales Reinvented Podcast lock

Listen to the full episode here.

Paul: Hi, this is Paul Watts from the Sales Reinvented Podcast. Welcome to the Best of Series. Brought to you by the Canadian Professional Sales Association. In today's episode we have Connie Kadansky, Jamie Shanks and Elinor Stutz. We will be sharing some of our favorite guests advice to their younger self. First up we have Connie Kadansky.

Connie: Emotionally and technically master prospecting, because when we can master prospecting, I believe we can master everything else in the selling process.

Paul: How would you do that?

Connie: Well, just overcoming your call reluctance, right? Then it's also becoming a student of initiating contact with potential buyers. Being a student of studying effective voicemails. Being a student of learning about e-mail. Followup on e-mail, etc. I believe most importantly is just mastering the emotional skill, because I was telling one of my clients today, every time I make at least ten calls something absolutely fascinating happens, so it only takes me ten calls to find something fascinating. I believe it's my mindset that leads me in a direction of something that is positive and there are people who prospecting and they have a reluctance, they're reticent. They don't have the proper tone.

 When you also ask, I'm a big believer in listening to our calls to record and listen to calls, oh my goodness, we can learn so much. I am consistently recording and listening to my tone and that's where we can find out and learn on how to master prospecting.

Paul: I love the idea of recording your calls and listening back to them.

Connie: Any time we have a learning opportunity where we didn't show up the way that we wished we would is to be able to sit down, close our eyes, reimagine that situation and do in our mind the way that we would have done it, if we could do it again. To actually experience the ideal and so we can completely erase the negativity that we had not showing up at optimum level. The next time this opportunity comes up in our psyche we're going to show up differently, so learning and re-imagining can be profoundly useful.

Paul: Next we have Jamie Shanks.

Jamie: I would change the way that I treated and worked with my supporting teammates and supporting staff. I was in corporate real estate and I'm a broker. You have supporting teammates. You have supporting marketers and administrators that help you do a lot of the legwork on accounts. I don't know where I got this from but I treated them as subordinates. Not as teammates. I only recognized later in life that no role is more important than another. They're just a piece of the machine. The machine is only as effective. I'm a huge believe in Aristotle's definition of synergy. A whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It's like the first quote in my book.

 I didn't learn that until later in life. If I were to go back I would recognize that I would have been more productive if I treated them as teammates not as people that have to do tasks for me and bark orders at them. That's what I would change.

Paul: Finally we have Elinor Stutz.

Elinor: It's never give you, you can do it. Don't second guess yourself. Just keep believing in yourself and you'll get there.

Paul: Could you just expand on that never give up part.

Elinor: Yes, I've come to realize that we experience very dark tunnels if you will in our career, where we think we're never going to make it and we should quit. If you just keep trudging ahead and doing your best to learn suddenly you'll come out of that dark tunnel into a bright light. Let me give you an example. This is going to be startling, because you're probably not aware of it. I'm a rare survivor of a broken neck and I was probably supposed to be dead, but sales skills honestly saved my life. I had 90 seconds before the medication was going to take over and the surgeon said to me when you wake up Mrs. Stutz, most likely you will be paralyzed. He didn't tell me the other scenario.

 I completely mirrored him. His vocabulary, expression, everything about it and with every ounce of energy and every ounce of belief in my wellness, because I had had two visions come to me while I was on the stretcher. I said doctor when I wake up I fully expect to be well. I kid you not, the last thing I remember was him jumping backwards. Hours later he was standing over me. He said there's no rhyme or reason for what happened, but you will walk out of this hospital on your own in four days and I did.

Paul: Wow.

Elinor: In the end to re-answer your question, nothing is impossible. Statistics are made to be broken. It's the belief with all your mind and all your energy that you will come out of it successful and you will.

Paul: What a powerful story. Wow, thank you for sharing that Elinor. That is a very, very powerful story.

Elinor: Thank you.

Paul: Today's podcast was produced by Rebel Soul Media a Division of Red TV Inc and with the help of our sponsors, The Canadian Professional Sales Association. Visit to learn about Canada's largest sales organization dedicated to advancing sales and accelerating performance. Thank you for listening and please join us on our next podcast. If you have any comments or suggestions for the show, please go to our website Until next time remember the ABC's of selling Always Be Consultative. I'm Paul Watts and you've been listening to the Sales Reinvented Podcast.


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