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In our age of constant disruption, there are always new tools and technologies to learn. In 2017 it was all about Snapchat versus Instagram, AI, and smart devices. While none of these tech trends have faded yet, there are a new technology trends for sales professionals in 2018. Read our top tech to try in next year, and get a head start on the competition in 2018.


You may have heard rumblings about chatbots in the past – they have been around for a few years, but the technology has improved to the point that it makes sense to give chatbots a try in 2018. They can be used for basic questions and answers, which means that they are suitable for common support topics and questions users may have when they visit your website. Chatbots will help to automate some of the more tedious questions and answers that your sales or support team typically deals with, which means that your sales and support team can spend more time on the more complex parts of the sales and account management process.


It’s hard to think of a technology that got more hype in 2017 than Blockchain; however, 2018 will be the year that we start to see its implementation and effects. Blockchain will most certainly affect finance and banking, but it could also be used to transform activities like car sales, insurance and real estate. Your sales team needs to consider how a public ledger could be used to bring more transparency, security, and speed to your industry and transactions.


Alright, video isn’t exactly new technology, but it is very quickly becoming one of the most important technologies. In 2016 Facebook announced that it would prioritize video content, and other platforms and technologies followed suit. Thought leadership content is one of the best ways to market to your audience in today’s market, and telling your story through video is one of the best ways to engage. Take the time to create videos in 2018, and engage a wider audience.


The Shopping Channel has a new look. While Livestream selling hasn’t become mainstream in North America just yet, it is making waves in Asia. Consumer brands are collaborating with social media influencers to sell products live, just like The Shopping Channel that we remember from the 90s. There are a few technology limitations that prevent apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram from enabling livestream shopping, but keep an eye out for this trend in 2018, as some analysts are predicting it will disrupt the entire online culture.

Email and digital ads are old news; there are new technologies emerging, and you need to try them out in 2018.

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