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May 24, 2018 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

In the May 2018 SalesProChat, we're going to talk with Neil Ryland, Chief Revenue Officer at Peakon. As the company’s chief revenue officer, Neil built teams in multiple regions and oversaw the rapid expansion of a UK basement start-up to a global company. Neil offers his take on managing and motivating high-performing multi-generational sales team.

Listen to the podcast interview and join us for the Twitter chat May 31 at 1 ET / 10 PT.

Episode Highlights:

* How do you motivate multi-generational sales teams?
* How has sales leadership and execution developed?
* What are the top technologies available to help us analyse and understand ways to communicate with, and motive, sales teams?
* How important is mentorship? 
* Is there really a big difference between what Millennials want out of their career compared to Gen X and Boomers? 

More About Our Guest

Neil heads Peakon’s commercial operations from the company’s London offices. The team Neil has assembled, lead the transformation of how businesses understand and improve employee engagement through their partnership with Peakon. 

Previously, Neil was part of the founding commercial team at Huddle, a leading enterprise content collaboration platform for governments and enterprise. Neil joined Huddle in 2009 and has built successful sales teams in San Francisco, New York and London.

A passionate sales leader, his SaaS experience is instrumental in guiding the business through geographical expansion and industry growth. Prior to joining Huddle, he worked in data quality and management technology for financial services organizations and BPOs at Capscan (subsequently acquired by GB Group). He is a regular conference speaker and active participant in the technology community where he offers advice on building successful commercial teams.

May 2018 Twitter Chat Questions: 

How do you motivate multi-generational sales teams? #SalesProChat

Q2: What are some of the traits of successful sales leaders of multi-generational sales teams? #SalesProChat

Q3: Do Millennials want different things from their careers compared with Gen Xers? #SalesProChat

Q4: Are some of the stereotypes about Millennials are just older people misunderstanding younger colleagues?  #SalesProChat

Join the #SalesProChat Twitter chat, May 31, 1 pm Eastern / 10 Pacific

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