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Sales Strategy
Mar 22, 2018 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

In the March 2018 SalesProChat, we're going to talk with Gabe Larsen about the strategies and character needed to be an effective seller. Gabe's key factors are: Attempt, Media, Duration, Spacing and Content. 

Listen to the podcast interview and join us for the Twitter chat March 29 at 1 ET / 10 PT.

Gabe Larsen is Experience V.P. Marketing Strategy at InsideSales Labs, the research and best practice arm of

Gabe joined with over 15 years of experience in revenue generation, from helping financial clients price and trade complex derivatives to helping multi-national organizations penetrate new markets. Gabe co-hosts the popular Sales Acceleration podcast and acts as VP of’s Labs where his expertise and research has helped over 200 clients solve the biggest problems in the Sales Acceleration space.

After co-founding his own company in partnership with Dave Elkington, current CEO of, Gabe worked at Accenture and then joined Goldman Sachs as an Equity Derivatives Specialist. There, he oversaw complex financial instruments traded on the London and Hong Kong exchanges. During the financial crisis, Gabe witnessed firsthand the devastation poor decision-making caused his clients. This experience taught him the importance of using data to drive and support human decision-making. He joined Nobel Prize winner and world-famous behavioral economist, Daniel Kahneman, at Gallup and spent four years as an international strategic consultant working with clients like Toyota, Honda, Heinz, IKEA and TD Ameritrade. Gabe helped establish Gallup’s Middle East presence and doubled the region’s revenue in his first year by helping close a ten-million-dollar deal.

Gabe also established himself as an international expert, speaker and thought leader by writing and speaking about inside selling and its ability to drive predictable revenue.

March 2018 Twitter Chat Questions: 

Why is there a gap between the number of touches needed to close and the real (much lower) number of attempts made by sales pros to reach prospects before they give up? #SalesProChat

Q2: Does timing matter? How quickly should one respond to a lead and during the prospecting cycle, how long should one wait between communications? #SalesProChat

Q3: What is a good balance between staying top of mind and not being perceived by prospects as an annoying salesperson? #SalesProChat

Q4: How can AI can help salespeople personalise emails, social media messages .. and does it help? #SalesProChat

Join the #SalesProChat Twitter chat, March 29, 1 pm Eastern / 10 Pacific

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