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In the April 2018 SalesProChat, we talk with Colleen Francis, Ottawa-based award-winning sales acceleration strategist, Hall of Fame keynote speaker, best selling author and founder at Engage Selling Solutions.

In a recent article, Colleen suggests "Many sales leaders and companies make the mistake that a sales team is like a soccer team or a football team, where everyone has to be playing together in order for the organization to grow ... A sales team is more like a gymnastics team where every individual has to excel in their own narrow parameters."

Listen as Colleen offers her take on why the sales profession needs an individualist and goal-focused approach. 

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Colleen is driven by a passion for sales - and results. A successful sales leader for over 20 years, she understands the particular challenges of selling in today's crowded, confusing market, and that business leaders can no longer rely on approaches to sales based on techniques from decades ago—or even last year.

More About Colleen Francis

Colleen is an award-winning writer and consultant, bestselling author, and member of the Speaking Hall of Fame. Recognized annually as the thought leader on the future of selling by leading publications world wide, Sales and Marketing Magazine has also called Colleen and Engage Selling: one of the top 5 most effective sales training organizations in the market today!

Colleen works with business and sales leaders to synergize the sales DNA of the organization to seize market opportunities. Whether designing strategy to target a new market or working with a team to improve its productivity, Colleen's results have attracted clients such as Merck, Abbott, Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank, Dow, Adecco, Trend Micro, NCR, Chevron, and thousands of other global organizations.

Listen to part two

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