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Sales Strategy
SalesProChat: "The Impact of Cultural Genetics on Sales"
Aug 30, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

In the August 2017 SalesProChat episode, Charlie Judy talks with host Bill Banham about the cultural DNA of organizations and the impact on Sales. Bill Banham and Charlie consider ways to get at the genetic code of companies and how the data can have big positive impacts on sales.

Charlie Judy is CEO at WorkXO, a company which uses a groundbreaking model to measure workplace culture, a powerful set of tools to analyze it, and a proven system to turn your culture into a differentiator. 

Listen to the CPSA’s two-part interview with Charlie Judy and Join us August 31 for our monthly #SalesProChat Twitter chat.

salesprochat august 2017

Part one considers questions including:

* Why is it important to sales teams that their company aligns their work culture with what drives their organization's success?
* How can companies dig into the analytics and identify key culture priorities?
* What is a Workplace Genome? 
* Okay, so a company has built their culture playbook and ready to take action, what does that look like? 
* How can sales teams align data points with a distinct storyline around how individuals in a sales team really work - the actions, behaviors, and tangible stuff that sales pros experience?

Listen to part one.

Part two discusses:

* Can mapping a company's cultural DNA help to identify current unsung brand advocates and, vitally, identify others at a company who could be supported by the company to help spread the message to new outside audiences which could then filter back in as new sales opportunities? 
* Does understanding the values and goals of a company help salespeople to sell more authentically? 
* How can companies use their workplace genome to shape the recruiting strategy so that they can attract sales and business development pros who fit with the company ethos and make a difference to the bottom line? 
* How can companies translate their workplace genome into direct marketing messages and sales methods that work and reflect their employer brand?

Listen to part two.

Join the #SalesProChat Twitter chat, August 31, 1 pm EST / 10 PST

Every month we present a SalesProchat podcast and host a #SalesProChat Twitter chat. SalesProChat brings sales pros and business leaders together to discuss major topics in Sales. On Thursday August 31, 2017 at 1:00 ET the CPSA will host our next Twitter chat.

Business leaders, sales professionals and high-profile industry experts from across Canada and the US will come together on Twitter to share tips, strategies and enjoy lots of virtual networking.

The August 2017 #SalesProChat Twitter chat will consider the following questions:

Q1: How can understanding your company's genome help you sell better? #SalesProChat
Q2: How can mapping a company's DNA help foster more authentic sales conversations? #SalesProChat
Q3: What does understanding cultural genetics of a sales team mean for finding new talent?
Q4: Why should sales leaders try to develop a performance-focused culture?  #SalesProChat

More About Charlie Judy

Charlie spent two decades as an HR executive with highly prominent and successful organizations with as many as 220,000 employees globally.

This extensive experience in-the-trenches makes his interaction with the Human Resources, Recruiting, and Talent Management audiences relevant. As a speaker, his topics help leaders foster an environment where their employees (and their authentic selves) become the fuel that drives businesses to flourish as if they were communities, not institutions. His content reflects his fundamental belief that the future of work is not about better HR systems, technologies, programs, practices, or any one “best practice.” Rather, it's about simplifying Human Resources and finding ways to re-humanize work.

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