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Sales Strategy
Dec 1, 2009 | Cheryl Clausen lock

You are passionate about what you do. You should be. Your service provides value and meaning to your clients. The challenge is using your passion at the right level in the right way.

There's no doubt buying anything of significant value triggers your emotions. Even if you would like to think you are very logical and make all your decisions on a cost benefit basis. The deep down truth is something about that purchase taps into a strong emotion. You simply use logic to rationalize your decision to others.

You need to tap into that buying emotion for your prospects because their emotion is what drives them to act. That is, if you get the level of passion right. By that I mean you need to divvy out your passion at an acceptable level for your potential client.

When you come at a potential client with too much passion and directly focus too much on their emotion your offer is too hot to handle. Just like Goldilocks and the three bears your particular offer is just too hot. Your prospects will feel uncomfortable and want to get away fast.

The prospect is over-stimulated, overwhelmed, and becomes skeptical. This over-stimulation makes it impossible for the prospect to take action and make a buying decision. It just doesn't feel right.

If you completely lack passion and you neglect the potential client's emotional stock in the buying decision your offer is too boring. Like the cold porridge Goldilocks ignored, your potential clients will move on. They won't have the motivation to act.

Your passion should communicate confident excitement about what you do because that connects into your potential clients buying emotion. It affirms their trust and belief. It taps into those emotional drivers that give them just enough motivation to act.

Your prospects, like Goldilocks, are looking for the best fit. They don't demand an exact match. They want the solution that bests fulfills on what's most important to them about what they are already looking for.

One of the simplest ways to demonstrate the appropriateness of your fit is through empathy. The more you connect with what they are feeling, wanting, and needing the better they will feel you understand what they need and the more confident they are you can provide that.

About the Author:
Increase Sales Coach Cheryl A. Clausen is not an internet marketing guru. She is a recognized increase sales expert among the top sales resources including: Sales Gravy, Salesopedia, Top Sales Experts, Selling Power Magazine, Evan Carmichael, and Perfect Business. She has recently published "The Race to Success - Make Time to Win".

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