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Sometimes, choosing to outsource your sales training can achieve huge results. Sure, it's an extra investment but can be one which offers big ROI.

Here are five reasons why outsourcing your sales training can reap rewards.

1. Create High-Performing Sales Leaders

Many sales leaders are appointed to management roles because they have proven success on the frontlines. The top-performing salespeople, however, are not always the best teachers nor the most inspiring managers. By providing external training for your sales managers, you can ensure that not only do your sales leaders have the right attitude to bring the best out of their teams, but they also have the managerial toolkit to best motivate and measure their subordinates.

2. Improve your Team’s Performance.

When sales targets are not being met, it can be all-too-easy to blame your sales staff. But what if the root cause is not your people, but the processes (or lack thereof) that exist in your organization? Bringing in external, objective, sales trainers can help companies identify gaps in the processes and support structure in a company; so that your salespeople feel empowered to achieve.

3. Internal Training Costs Time and Money

Pulling team members away from selling to allow them to train other sales colleagues can be costly to your lead generation efforts. Sometimes, it can make more sense to invest in external training to allow your top sales performers to concentrate on what they do best - bring in the revenue. Ask yourself: how much is my best salesperson's time worth to the bottom line? If the answer is more than the cost of outsourcing sales training, then the business case for external help is self-evident.

4. Give Your New Sales Hires the Information to Hit the Ground Running

In many organisations, it can take up to a year to internally get new salespeople firing on all cylinders. Outsourcing sales training, by contrast, can significantly decrease the time it takes to achieve peak productivity.

5. Reduce Churn

High turnover is more common in sales-related roles. Employee turnover is expensive. Investing in training and accreditations can help prove that you value your salespeople, you want to develop their skills for longer-term success, and shows them that you are keen to provide the tools they need to achieve.

The CPSA has trained over 17,000 professionals, from new salespeople to seasoned veterans. 95% saw increases in sales as a result. Developed in conjunction with Human Resources Skills Development Canada, our courses build on extensive research into what sets the best salespeople apart. In-class, online, or on-site, our expert instructors will show you how to put that insight to work to boost your own sales success.

Learn more about the training offered by the CPSA here.


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