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Always be closing. The saying has long been in sales but it doesn’t necessarily give much insight into how the objective is actually achieved! In fact, closing deals these days requires a longer term strategy to the aggressive tactics that may (or may not) have worked in the past. Here’s some great tips on how to actually complete the sale and build long-standing customer relationships.

Stay Focused on the Customer

As the sales process develops it’s easy to become focused on the deal at hand and getting that contract signed…after all, that’s what counts to your quota! However, no matter what stage you are in the sales cycle, you must keep the customer at the forefront of your mind. If you start putting your needs ahead of theirs too obviously, you may lose their trust and goodwill at the critical point of negotiations. Your customer wants you to put their interests first and, if you want them to sign, you need to think the same way. Stay focused on their needs and keep demonstrating how this deal is the best thing for them and their company.

Sell Value Not Product

Price objections are common. However, they are even more so when your primary focus is on your company and product rather than the value your product will bring to the customer. You’re far more likely to complete the sale if you can show your product or service brings more value than the asking price. To do this successfully, you will need insights into your customer’s business position, their own sales figures and budget. If you want them to sign, you need to show them that what your selling has far more value than the price tag alone.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

This is an old adage but it remains true; to complete the sale, you must under promise and over deliver. Throughout the sales process, NEVER make a commitment you aren’t sure you can keep. If you tell them your full proposal will be with them Friday and then it shows up Monday, that leaves a seriously lousy impression. Conversely, if you tell them Monday and the proposal is on their desk first thing Friday, you’re a superstar. When it comes to terms and contacts, the same holds true. Never fall into the trap of overpromising in an effort to quickly complete the sale. You’ll end up seriously disappointing them if you can’t meet the terms and it’s unlikely they’ll be a customer for long.

Stay Calm and Hold Your Ground

If only every sale were quick, simple and easy… unfortunately negotiations are often far more stressful and tricky than we’d like.  But if your customer is giving you a hard time, don’t make the mistake of losing your cool. Becoming angry or frustrated will only waste your opportunity, so remain calm and amiable. Avoid confrontations and point scoring. Keep the long game in mind; you’re not trying to win a battle but form an effective partnership based on mutual respect. Even if the prospect says something you know to be false, don’t get flustered and go on the defensive. Stay cool and don’t take anything personally; commit to calmly standing your ground.

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