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Jun 2, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

We all want to attract the best sales professionals to our team, but recruitment is a costly investment in terms of both time and effort. But what if we told you that the key to attracting sales talent was right there in your pocket?

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce, and we all know where millennials are...that’s right, they are on their phones and online. It makes sense then that if you want to recruit the top millennial sales talent, you need to go where they are, and that means leveraging social media to expand your recruitment pool.

Through social professional networks, you have access to more candidates than ever before. And better yet, the pool has been sifted to reveal a higher-quality population. Through a candidate’s profile, you can source salespeople from a myriad of cities, industries and job functions.

According to LinkedIn, 43% of companies cite social professional networks as a top source of quality hires. Meaning they performed better than employee referrals and internet job boards. And that’s all through an app on your phone.

Recruiting a candidate through LinkedIn or other social networks requires passive recruiting. This involves contacting talent who are currently employed and performing well. Therefore, you are potentially headhunting the best salespeople in the industry. You are no longer standing by and waiting for the best of the best to come to you; now you can seek out top talent, even those who are not actively job hunting and approach them in a personalized way.

Moreover, when you find a sales professional that catches your eye online, you have more ways than ever to ascertain their calibre and merits. Forget wading through resumes and cover letters, now you can find succinct, interesting content about them through their LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram profiles. Not to mention their personal blogs and websites. These tools are a great way to get a real feel for a candidate as well as vet them.

But are these passive candidates really going to jump ship? Well, of course, these individuals who are not currently in the market for a new job may not be amenable to your offer but the passive candidate population is simply too big to ignore. LinkedIn’s own research shows that approximately 65-75% of their members are in fact passive candidates. Another 15-20% are “Tiptoers”, meaning they have a job but are looking for another.  Approaching a stellar salesperson through LinkedIn is certainly a good gamble, especially if you make them the right offer.

Plus, there’s another reason to check out that LinkedIn app on your phone right now. Data shows that employees sourced from online platforms are 8x more likely to stay with their new employer for over two years. This is down to the fact that while you are researching them, it’s highly likely they are researching you too. They can use your company’s LinkedIn profile, as well as other sites such as Glassdoor to do their due diligence and ensure that your company will be a good match for them as much as they are a good match for you.

When you do decide to connect with a potential new sales professional through a social network, it’s a good idea to take a softly softly approach. Start by connecting with or following them.  Make sure your own profile is optimized to give the best advertisement for your company and that you are sharing great content about your organization.  Remember you and your company’s online profiles are your brand, make sure whatever you have written there makes the best first impression.

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