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Social networks have evolved beyond platforms to connect with friends and family. They are now tools for commerce, media, and selling. However, with so many different businesses, pages, and products, it can be hard to cut through the noise. Here are some social selling techniques that will help you stand out from the crowd and generate more leads for your organization.

Be Active but Thoughtful

If you build it, they will not necessarily come. Setting up your social media profiles is not enough. In order to be successful with your social selling, you need to build your network, be visible, and engage with your audience. In practice, this means you need to share and like posts that resonate with you. You’ll need to leave thoughtful and well-written comments on posts, and reply to comments on your own posts. You need to add more people so that you can build your network and audience (however, it’s important to use discretion on who you add or follow depending on the social network). In general, you need to spend time and put effort into building an avid following on social media.

Share Content

Social networks have evolved to be more than just a platform to communicate. They are also now tools for sharing and distributing content. People are hungry for new information, and so sharing interesting content on your social media platforms is a great way to warm prospects, nurture leads, and cinch the deal when it comes to closing a sale. You can share interesting news articles, industry reports, or videos and infographics, and if your organization creates content you can share these materials too. To generate more leads, share content that is gated with a form so that your prospects need to provide their email address before they can access it.

Allocate Time for Social Selling in Your Schedule

Social selling is one of those activities that is easy to push to the sidelines in favour of more “urgent” work. However, it is only going to be effective if you spend time doing it, so it’s important to allocate dedicated time for social selling. In an ideal world, you would have about 30 minutes every day to focus on social selling. At the bare minimum, you should spend 20 minutes on social selling about 3 days every week. If you are only getting to your social feeds and messages once every two weeks, your prospects are going to forget you.

Don’t Be Creepy

We’ve listed a lot of things that you should do when social selling, but there are also a few things that you should not do. Social media platforms are, at their core, about personal interactions and relationships, and so it is important to treat them the same way you would any other interaction. Just as it would be creepy to approach a stranger on the street and tell them how much you appreciate their chosen brand of coffee or sweater, it is also creepy to post a lengthy comment on a stranger’s photo on Facebook. Alternatively, approaching someone at a networking event and asking them about their job is perfectly fine, which means that adding someone on Linkedin and sending them a message related to their job is probably ok. Use your discretion, and if you aren’t sure, ask a colleague or friend.

Along with cold calling and email, social selling is here to stay.  Learn to use the right techniques, and it will help you grow your business.

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